Here's A List Of The Most Popular Foods Singles Order In On Valentine's Day

by Mia Mercado
Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The three words most everyone wants to hear this Valentine’s Day are “let’s order in.” In anticipation of February 14, GrubHub released their most popular Valentine’s Day orders for both couples and singles. So, if you’re planning to spend your Valentine’s Day at home, either with your date or by yourself (which can also count as a date), perhaps you’ll get a few ideas for your at-home menu.

Let’s start with the survey’s logistics: how exactly did GrubHub determine whether an order was for a couple or just a single person? According to an emailed statement to Bustle, GrubHub used “factors such as the number of entrées ordered and price.” (If you heard something, that was just the collective *gulp* of everyone who has ever ordered enough food for a family of four and planned to eat it all themselves.) In other words, this list of most popular Valentine’s Day GrubHub foods comes with that caveat: people placing ordering didn’t clarify whether the food was for themselves or for two.

With that in mind, there seems to be a clear divide between couples and singles when it comes to Valentine’s Day take-out orders. For singles, comfort food dominated the list. Things like burritos, quesadillas, and pho were ordered by single people 119 percent to 210 percent more than couples. Perhaps you’re less worried about eating a burrito the size of your face when you are in the company of only yourself.

Here is the full list of food singles ordered more on GrubHub often than couples:


  1. Pizza puff: 223 percent more ordered (than couples)
  2. Chicken burrito: 210 percent more ordered
  3. Chicken quesadilla: 161 percent more ordered
  4. Bacon and egg sandwich: 140 percent more ordered
  5. Chorizo burrito: 135 percent more ordered
  6. Beef pho: 119 percent more ordered
  7. Grilled steak burrito: 118 percent more ordered
  8. Pizza roll: 118 percent more ordered
  9. Kung pao chicken: 116 percent more ordered
  10. Shawarma sandwich: 102 percent more ordered

If you aren’t familiar with the food claiming the number one spot, a pizza puff is basically what a Hot Pocket dreams of becoming. It’s a deep-fried dough pocket filled with all your favorite pizza topping: cheese, tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni and/or sausage, and did I mention cheese?

Given the lists comfort food-leaning, I’m surprised orders for mac and chese, pad thai, burgers, and all of the pasta dishes aren’t on the list. Perhaps couples and singles recognize the romantic potential for those dishes, thus making them a frequent order for all.

What’s on the menu for couples ordering in on Valentine’s Day? Chicken satay and sushi, apparently. While chicken satay holds the number one spot on the list, almost all of spots two through ten are claimed by different kind of sushi rolls. (Shrimp shumai, a kind of Chinese dumpling, snuck in at number five.) Apparently raw fish is the love language of many couples. Here’s the full list:


  1. Chicken satay: 342 percent more ordered (than singles)
  2. Eel avocado roll: 338 percent more ordered
  3. Alaska roll: 309 percent more ordered
  4. Spicy tuna roll: 307 percent more ordered
  5. Shrimp shumai: 302 percent more ordered
  6. Spicy salmon roll: 298 percent more ordered
  7. Salmon roll: 287 percent more ordered
  8. Philadelphia roll: 280 percent more ordered
  9. Shrimp tempura roll: 263 percent more ordered
  10. Salmon avocado roll: 260 percent more ordered

In 2016, GrubHub partnered with and found that ordering sushi on a first date increased the odds of a second date by 170 percent. So, go ahead order than eel avocado roll on date number one, I guess.

It’s a little surprising pizza (not in roll or puff form) didn’t make the list. However, that may be due to how the data was aggregated; it’s kind of hard to tell how many people will be eating a pizza. (A large could be for two people or four people or one person whose idea of romance is eating cold pizza for breakfast the next morning.)

Bon Appetit, lovebirds.