Miley Cyrus' Response To Her Leaked Wedding Photos Was Super Chill, According To Her Sister

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's a pretty big bummer when you specifically ask someone not to do something, but they end up doing it anyway. Such was the case with guests at Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth's wedding, who were reportedly asked not to share pictures from the event, as Cyrus' sister Brandi revealed during a recent episode of her Your Favorite Thing podcast with Wells Adams (as per Us Weekly). Despite the fact that a few photos made their way to the internet, it sounds like Miley's response was pretty damn chill.

On the Jan. 9 episode of her podcast, Brandi revealed, "Whenever [Miley and Liam] talked about getting married, they’ve always wanted to keep it very small and it just be the family and just be at the house." The eldest Cyrus sister continued, "That’s always been what they wanted. Honestly, Miley’s only friend that was there was her best friend, Jessie, and Liam had a handful of his friends there that were there from Australia."

Brandi went on to explain that Miley and Hemsworth's guest list only included "a very, very small, tight-knit group of people," and "even with family and close friends, they still made a point to say, 'Hey guys, this is a private thing for a reason. We love you all, but please don’t take photos.'"

Since then, both Miley and Hemsworth shared photos from the occasion on their respective social media pages at the end of December, but neither one of them specified that the pics were from their wedding, per se. After some additional guest snaps surfaced, it didn't take long for fans to figure out what was going on.

The guest photos were posted by Conrad Carr — one of Hemsworth's close friends — on his Instagram Stories, People reported, and included some pretty obvious evidence that his buddy had tied the knot. One pic showed the couple jointly holding a knife while standing in front of a multi-tiered, white cake. Another photo made it clear that members of both Hemsworth and Cyrus' family were present for the event, and in another you can see big pink balloons that read, "MR" and "MRS."

Brandi revealed that she didn't think Carr's photo faux pas was intentional. "He feels really bad," she said on her podcast. "I didn’t really ask what happened, but I think from what he said, no one told him not to post about it, so he didn’t know." Whoops!

Regardless of how the confusion about the no-pics policy happened, Brandi confessed that Miley "doesn’t really care" that Carr's photos ended up getting out. They reportedly said "I do" on Dec. 23, and Cyrus pretty much confirmed the rumors themselves with a few pics on social media a few days later.

On Dec. 26, Cyrus shared several photos of her and Hemsworth embracing and kissing. He was in a traditional tux, and she wore a white Vivian Westwood dress. She also posted a video of herself dancing to "Uptown Funk," she retweeted a clip from Mark Ronson, in which he's playing the guitar and whistling along to a "Here Comes the Bride" remix, and added yet another photo, this one of her holding a bouquet in front of a wall of flowers, flanked by her mom, Tish, and her dad, Billy Ray.

Aside from the photos — both intentionally posted and accidentally leaked — neither Cyrus nor Hemsworth have publicly shared any additional details about their big day. It sure does look like it was pretty special, though, doesn't it?