Häagen-Dazs Just Launched Its Own Dairy-Free Ice Cream

by Nia Decaille

Do you have that one friend that always insists that their lactose intolerance just isn't that bad? Or maybe you are that friend. The awful truth is that the world is full of cheesy, lactose-filled goodness and sometimes giving up that pizza or ice cream feels more like agreeing to part ways with a finger. But thankfully for any human suffering under that umbrella, Haagen-Dazs just launched dairy-free ice cream, a true miracle that all can enjoy ice cream just in time for summer.

Yes, you read that right. Miracles do happen! These delectable ice cream flavors include chocolate salted fudge truffle, peanut butter chocolate fudge, mocha chocolate cookie, and coconut caramel.

And Häagen-Dazs isn't the only dessert company to jump on the inclusive dietary wagon. Other brands like our beloved Ben & Jerry's rolled out a line of cult classics like Chunky Monkey, but with a dairy-free twist. But what's even more interesting about Häagen-Dazs' new line of miracles is their marketing approach. These flavors aren't just your ordinary dairy-free ice cream. Nope! Instead of simply sharing that these new favorites will be a nut-based option, they boast a back to basics approach.

They shared on their website:

So while most non-dairy options simply start by substituting soy, almond or cashew milk, every flavor in our new collection begins with a core ingredient, like real pieces of Belgian chocolate, actual peanut butter, or real coconut cream. The result? Indulgent non-dairy flavors with a creamier texture and an authentic taste that shines through.

According to Well + Good, this wonderful idea came from a page — one that racked up 1,087 signatures. Ice cream lovers raised their voices about wanting a dairy-free option, and Häagen-Dazs was listening. How's that for power to the people?

So rejoice! Gone are the days that you are straddling the fence between your cravings and how your stomach will react. Now, in the year of our lord Beyoncé, you can get dairy-free and even vegan options. Now you can focus on what flavor you'll taste next instead of annoying all of your girlfriends with why you can and should suffer the consequences of a late night ice cream run.

So the next time you think that Kickstarter, petition, or post won't make a difference, you can add this to the list of times it certainly can.