Hailey Bieber & Jaden Smith Want You To Shop More Sustainably

Meritocracy’s Karla and Matthew Welch

Quarantine has profoundly changed the way people participate in fashion, from shopping to dressing. It's a monumental shift that's not lost on celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Jaden Smith. The two entertainers usually collaborate with Levi's around the start of festival season, but this year feels markedly different.

Rather than just posing in the latest denim trends and promoting their favorite Levi's pieces, the duo is focused on a more pressing concern: sustainability. As people cut down on shopping while in quarantine due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the world is finally starting to be more mindful about consumption.

"Being wasteful [is now] behind us," Hailey Bieber tells Bustle. "You should only buy what you are going to wear for a long time."

Jaden Smith is just as adamant about being intentional with your purchases. "Buy clothing that already exists, buy pieces that you can wear for multiple seasons, and buy items that have been in circulation for a large amount of time," he says.

Levi's is no stranger to social responsibility; in fact, it's always been a core part of the brand ethos. They're a leader in the eco-conscious denim space, using sustainable TENCEL™ fibers and reducing water usage during the production process.

And the brand is "a symbol of democratic inclusion and youth empowerment," CMO Jen Sey writes in a blog post. Sey cites their consistent presence during Pride Parades, Harvey Milk wearing Levi's as he fought for gay rights in San Francisco, and even German youth sporting the jeans as the "Berlin Wall came down," as examples. "[Levi's] is the choice of those daring to push for a better tomorrow."

Meritocracy’s Karla and Matthew Welch

According to Jaden, a better tomorrow starts with the world striving toward a new goal: drawdown. "Drawdown is a state in which we are pulling more CO2 down and out of the atmosphere and into the soil we are putting up into it," he explains. "That is the only way we can reverse global warming."

What steps can the average person take to make an impact? Besides shopping less, DIY is an option to make your clothing feel like new, insists Hailey. "[Turning] your jeans into cutoffs, sewing patches, hand embroidery... any tutorial you can get your hands on," she offers.

Ahead, find a few denim items from Levi's that will stand the test of time.

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White denim is an enduring summer trend, and these shorts are well worth the investment. They're made with sustainable, water-reducing processes, and they're easily customizable with patches and rips.

Year after year, season after season, this trucker jacket will become a beloved staple in your wardrobe. It's made with sustainable TENCEL™ fibers and it has an oversized fit that looks perfect with floral sundresses.

This cut-off hem is ideal for pairing with every type of summer shoe, whether you prefer thong sandals or running sneakers.

Straight-fitting jean shorts are so '90s in the best way. Lean in to the retro look and pair them with a crop top and a plaid shirt belted around the waist.