Hair Nails Is The Nail Art Trend You Need To See

by Jessica Thomas

As viral beauty trends become more commonplace, it's becoming a little harder to "break the internet" with a new trend. But visual artist Dain Yoon's hair nails, which went viral, definitely did just that. Yep, hair nails are a thing, and they're even more "out there" than you can imagine. Yoon has made a name for herself by posting crazy visuals of herself on her Instagram, which boasts almost 200,000 followers. But Yoon's latest creation, her selfie nails (complete with hair) might just be her most intriguing yet.

Dain Yoon created her selfie nails by meticulously painting a self portrait on each nail, then glued on "hair" to make the nails actually look like miniature versions of her. Although it's unclear whether Yoon used real hair or fake, there's no denying her nails bear an eerie resemblance to her. Plus, the detail on each tiny self portrait is pretty astounding. Yoon managed to take a tiny surface area (her nails) and turn them each into incredibly realistic-looking portraits.

This isn't the first time Yoon has experimented with altering her appearance to create art, and it probably won't be the last. But it'll be hard for her to top her latest look.

The detail on each nail is pretty incredible, right? Plus, you can tell from the subtle differences in each mini Dain that she painted each by hand. It's actually pretty striking how much they look like her as well. Although it's hard to tell, it seems like Yoon painted each mini portrait before affixing it to her nail. (Otherwise, she'd have to be completely ambidextrous).

Don't you love the subtle side eye her index finger is giving to her middle finger? Each of the mini paintings has a different facial expression, and it's actually kind of amazing. The long "hair" (or real hair?) is a perfect match for Yoon's long, straight black locks as well.

Yoon's hair nails quickly went viral, and who can blame people for being intrigued about this new nail look? But like many viral beauty trends, reactions to Dain's look were pretty strong.

Can't blame this user for likening this trend to wavy eyebrows, which blew up the internet a few weeks ago (and will probably be forgotten by the end of the month).

Overall, it seems like the reactions are a little skeptical.

Yep, this Twitter user is definitely not a fan.

The comparisons to some of the zany recent eyebrow trends were a common theme.

But these nails are actually pretty par for the course for Yoon, who has built a serious Instagram following by painting visually dynamic self portraits and creating illusions.

How cool is this self portrait? On many of her posts, Yoon specifies that they're hand-painted and not photoshopped, which goes to show that she's serious about her art.

The incredibly detailed hands on this shot are just another one of Yoon's illusions.

How cool is this dripping makeup technique?

This is insane.

Which head is the real head?

Here she is in action. So fascinating to watch!

Here's another video where you can learn more about Yoon and see her work. There is absolutely no question that she is super duper talented.

Although Yoon's looks might not exactly be easy to replicate, they're undoubtedly one of the most elaborate nail art and makeup techniques out there.

To follow Dain Yoon's other incredible and mind-blowing nail and makeup designs, be sure to follow her on Instagram and her website. While her hair nails are going to be hard to beat, there is a very good chance that she will top this look. With what? That is the question.