Squiggle Brows Are The Latest Weird Makeup Trend & It Looks As Wild As It Sounds

by Alexa Tucker

Just when you thought that brow grooming styles couldn't get any more bizarre, there's a new trend sweeping the Internet that makes every other brow look seem completely normal. It's being called squiggle brows or wiggle brows, and both names are pretty fitting for the look.

Squiggle brows look exactly as they sound — like a couple of tildes (the fancy name for ~~) crawling across your forehead. It sounds weird because it is. But you've got to give it to the people who've tried it: It's definitely unique.

From the looks of it, it's crafted by a combination of shaping your brows in squiggle formations, and then covering up the outlines with concealer and powder. So, definitely higher effort than your daily swipe with a spoolie brush.

Of course, this is just the latest shock-value trend when it comes to crazy brows, but it's quite possibly stranger and more creative than rainbow brows, bleached brows, barbed wire brows, feathered brows, carved brows, blinged-out brows, and glitter brows combined.

At least for now. Because as the Internet does, one day, a new look will undoubtedly emerge to take the title of "strangest brow trend."

Till that moment comes, though, here's a look at the most eye-popping versions of the squiggle brow look.

YouTube beauty queen Promise Phan was one of the first people in on the look.

Here's a more natural version (well, as natural as squiggle brows get, that is).

Oddly enough, the beauty look may have its roots in Photoshop after visual artist MLMA posted some cool warped brow photos on Instagram (which may or may not have actually been a "beauty look," per se), but hey, sometimes life imitates art.

Could this be the next beauty trend to hit the runway this Fashion Week? Keep your eyes peeled (and your eyebrows wiggly!)