Halloween Advent Calendars Are Here To Help You Count Down Each Spooky Day


If you're the kind of person who is counting down the days until Halloween, well then this is literally the product for you. Most of us know that one of the best parts of the holiday season is counting down — and for Christmas, that normally means an advent calendar and getting weirdly excited about tiny pieces of chocolate that have probably gone stale. Well, now you can apply that same level of misplaced excitement to Halloween — because Halloween advent calendars are a thing.

Who knew? Apparently everyone is as excited about Halloween as they are every other holiday — which makes a lot of sense, because Halloween is the holiday that involves candy and costumes and therefore should reign supreme. Whether you're a grownup who's obsessed with All Hallow's Eve or you have kids and want to give them a chance to join in the fun, advent calendars are the way to go. Some of them have little drawers that you can fill with candy and treats, while some of them just help you count down the days until October 31st. Etsy is chock full of them and they are as cute and fantastical as you could possibly want. The good news is that they're all reusable, so you can enjoy the fun year after year. Here are three you don't want to miss.