Halsey Did Her Own Makeup For This Major Ad Campaign & It’s Actually Super Impressive

Halsey's crystalline voice could slay dragons. It's that enchanting and emotional. But the New Jersey-born singer has many other talents. Allure exclusively reports that Halsey is the new face of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté. The stunning singer will also be flipping the script with her brand ambassadorship by showing off her skills as a makeup artist.

Instead of simply appearing in ad campaigns and commercials hawking the brand's luxe makeup, Halsey will create makeup looks herself. She will then post them on her multi-million-strong Instagram.

She is taking an influencer route with this partnership — and will speak directly to her fanbase and makeup-loving millennials with this approach.

So if you love Halsey's ever-shifting look, you will learn how to replicate it. She will share all of her beauty techniques via her posts. With Halsey x YSL Beauté, it'll be like the singer is your own personal MUA.

"Recording artist, Halsey, well-known for her music and poetry, will soon be working with YSL Beauté to create makeup looks that speak to the millennial consumer," the brand revealed in a press release delivered to Allure.

YSLB further stated, "While everyone knows about her chart-topping music, her talent as a makeup artist is a secret to many. Not for long as YSL Beauté taps into Halsey's unique vision of beauty and offering her fans makeup tips and tricks."

The brand finished by saying, "In this partnership, Halsey will showcase her makeup looks to her 6.5M Instagram followers on a monthly basis."

Ultimately, Halsey is changing the rulebook for celebrity partnerships with beauty brands. She will be super hands on and dive in, showing customers how to use the products IRL.

This isn't Halsey’s first time partnering with a major makeup brand. Halsey teamed up with MAC for a mermaid blue x gray lipstick back in 2016. The collab was part of the brand's #FutureForward campaign with emerging artists. The shade was something else —  a rich, deep, and unbelievably unique matte. It was not a hue that everyone can pull off at any time. But Halsey’s precise pout made it look easy.

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's totally obvious why YSL Beauté would want to team up with Halsey. She largely focuses on her eyes and lips for makeup looks. From her pixie cut to her smattering of freckles to her dramatic brows to her statement lashes to her sprinkling of tattoos, Halsey's look is unique.

She is such a modern and edgy choice for a classic brand. The Halsey Nation should be stoked about this partnership. Plenty of gorj beauty looks are going to ensue.

We're predicting lots of edgy and dramatic styles. We can also envision Halsey drafting glam looks that will be easy for her fans and makeup lovers to rock IRL.

Be sure and throw Halsey an Insta follow now so you never miss one of her "Wowza!" makeup looks for YSL.