Hannah B. Just Revealed What *Really* Bothers Her About Tyler C. & Gigi Hadid's Dates

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Hannah B. may have chosen Jed at the end of her Bachelorette finale, but in light of their very public split the Alabama native has made it pretty clear that she still holds some lingering feelings toward her runner-up, Tyler C. But despite their recent hangout, Tyler has been spotted spending time with a world-renowned supermodel. And based on a recent interview, Hannah B. is confused about Tyler's dates with Gigi Hadid, even if she totally gets it. She's just a little at a loss about where exactly things stand between the two of them in light of his rumored new hookup.

After revealing on her After the Final Rose special that she and Jed were no longer together, Hannah made a bold move, asking Tyler out for a drink and admitting that her feelings for him didn't just go away when they said goodbye in Greece. Tyler agreed and days later he was photographed leaving Hannah's place in Los Angeles with an overnight bag. But just as Hannah and Tyler shippers were starting to think these two were heading for a reconciliation, reports of Tyler going on not one, but two dates with Hadid started dominating the news cycle, making his future with Hannah seem less and less certain, which she herself is grappling with.

"He has every right to do whatever he wants because we were just, you know, hanging out, seeing where it goes. And I am completely fine with that," Hannah told her fellow Bach alums Rachel Lindsay and Ali Fedotowsky-Manno on their latest Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, which was published on Wednesday, as per E! News. "It was a little confusing but, um, he can do whatever he wants to and I know that I can too."

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But despite the murky territory their relationship has now entered, Hannah made it clear that she has no regrets about her time with Tyler and the declaration she made about still caring about him. "I am going to continue going onward and upward and I just think that I've made it very clear...I have no shame in saying I had feelings," she explained. "I totally did. I totally still have feelings but, at the same time, I am not tied to any man or tied to Tyler and I'm not going to be."

That's a really healthy attitude to have about the whole thing. Though, Hannah does have one small axe to grind with her former flame. In the podcast, Rachel remarked how public Tyler's dating life has become, adding that she felt it was "a little bit disrespectful" to Hannah, especially considering how much he still claims to care deeply about her.

"I guess I find it disrespectful, it's kind of like, bruh, slow your roll," Rachel remarked on the matter. "You're on Twitter talking about 'Hannah's the queen' and preaching about respect, but then you're being a little disrespectful by dating other people in such a public way where you know it's gonna get so much attention. I think that's my beef with it."

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This prompted Hannah to chime in, admitting that she felt the same exact way:

"I think that's my beef with it too. And the thing is... we are not dating dating, at all, we hung out, but we also had conversations of both like knowing that there's still something there. And when you are in the public eye, you do just have to be respectful of each other. Yeah, I wish I would've got a little bit more than two days. But, you know, it is OK."

Her frustration is understandable, but she's handling the whole situation as gracefully as she tackled all of the drama during her season. Let's just hope that she's able to find happiness one way or another, whether it's with or without Tyler.