Hannah Brown Didn't Let Being On 'DWTS' Stop Her From Taking Some Tequila Shots

by Hannah Brown
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The race for the Mirror Ball is on once again in Season 28 of Dancing with the Stars, and this time, former Bachelorette Hannah Brown is taking the stage with her partner Alan Bersten. This week saw Hannah & Alan place first for their Viennese waltz to Taylor Swift's "Lover." Read on to find out about everything that happened in the week leading up to this winning performance — including plenty of tequila shots — in Hannah's DWTS diary.

Tuesday, Sept. 17

On Tuesday morning I woke up as a disaster. After the show Monday we all went out to celebrate Gleb [Savchenko]'s birthday. It was really fun, I had a great time, and against my better judgment I took tequila shots. Shouldn't have done it. Should not have done it. I woke up with my hair in a mat because I very drunkenly ripped out the hair ties that were in my hair. I didn't really take into consideration that there was so much tease and hairspray powder still left in my hair. It really turns into cement so your hair cant move! It took me 45 minutes to just brush out my hair.

I had to get up really early to be a co-host for Entertainment Tonight. Then I had a really awesome Santa Fe chicken sandwich with curly fries at CBS Studios. You know, just really watching my weight. And then had another meeting. I'm taking all these meetings now. I don't know, I guess that's what happens when your life flips upside down.

Then I got home, and then had another meeting, and then I basically fell asleep. I was feeling physically ill because I was so tired. Took a nap, woke up, ordered Bossa Nova because I'm obsessed with their Bossa salad. Then I went back to sleep.

Wednesday, Sept. 18

Courtesy of Hannah Brown

Practice this morning went pretty well. After practice I went to my fitting. Then Alan and I went to Erewhon for dinner because Alan always eats at Erewhon. He keeps telling me how good the hot sides are, so I really needed to try the barbecue cauliflower. When I got there, there was all this paparazzi and I was like, This is a lot of paparazzi, why do they care about me going to Erewhon? And that's when I got back down to the level I should be on. No, Hannah, they're not there for you, slow your roll, you're not cool. Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello were in Erewhon together right in front of me in line for the register. So that's why there was paparazzi. Not because of me.

Then I had another fitting with my old stylist from The Bachelorette because he helps me with stuff still. Then we ended up hanging out because I just love him so much; drank a glass of wine and it was great. Then I went to sleep late.

Thursday, Sept. 19

Practice. Alan brought me an Erewhon burrito and coffee. I got there a little bit early for the burrito. Then we did some questions with some fans and ran our dance a zillion times. It's getting really good. It's really sweet and pretty and I feel really confident in it going into this week, probably moreso than I did for my first week's dance. My back really hurts from trying to stay in frame because I'm doing a Viennese waltz. It's very technical but also graceful.

Courtesy of Hannah Brown

Then I came home and ordered Yogurt Stop and Chick-fil-A. And now I'm sitting here.

Friday, Sept. 20

Friday was a big day for me. I had my fitting again for my costume, and it's stunning. It's this pretty lilac and purple dress with these rose petals on it, because of how I start out in the dance — I'm basically doing a version of that famous scene in American Beauty where the girl is lying on a bed of flowers. It's supposed to look on my dress like the flowers are really stuck. So that's pretty cool. Minus the weird perv!

Then I had rehearsals from 10 to 2, and they went pretty well. I'm hurting. I tore both of my hamstrings, I pulled one of my hamstrings from the growth plate. So they get really really tight when I work hard and don't stretch enough or stretch too much. So I'm struggling with that and have little bitty tears on a ligament on my right side, so that's a little painful, but we're working through it.

Then I got ready for the Entertainment Weekly Emmy Party, so I went and got my nails done. I did a little nail design, the first time I'm doing that. I don't really go out of the box with my nail color, I usually just do a pinky nude. So I did the pinky nude but with the little glitter designs. Pretty nice!

After that I had my final fitting for my Emmy party look. Got my hair and makeup done and went a little bit edgier than I normally do and I really liked it. Went to the Emmy party for a little bit. It's weird: How am I going to Emmy parties? I don't know. Life is cool.

Saturday, Sept. 21

I danced 1 to 5. I was a little tired. I think I'm used to having dance from 9 to 1, and letting myself be tired after that. But this time my schedule was a little off, so I was tired going in. I'm working hard at learning my next dance routine, and it's back to a Latin dance.

Got into some fights with Alan about that, because man, my hips just don't want to do what they're supposed to. But, working on it.

Ran the dance one last time.

Sunday, Sept. 22

Camera blocking. Got to the CBS studios around 12, had lunch. I had some tequila shots Saturday night that really hit me. Took some Advil, then realized I got up and ate old Yogurt Stop in the middle of the night, so my stomach is having some issues. Got a spray tan, because Dancing with the Stars is not a real thing until you have the spray tan.

Monday Sept. 23

Courtesy of Hannah Brown

I'm eating a bagel. It's Monday morning before the show, I'm about run my dance. It's 6:55 a.m., it's awesome. I'm always tired, I'm used to it at this point. I've got my hair set, my makeup on, and I'm getting kind of nervy. I just really want it to go well because I've worked so hard on this dance and I love this dance.

There is that desire for me for it to be just perfect, and then I'm being hard on myself when I know the dance, I know the music, I know the steps, and I'm at the point where I don't need to worry about it being perfect, I just need to dance it and allow people to see me shine.

Hannah with Bachelor bud Katie Morton. (Courtesy of Hannah Brown)
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My best friends from Alabama came in and got to watch the show with me. So did Katie Morton, Heather Martin, Demi, Colton and Cassie, and Chris Harrison and Lauren Zima — they were all there cheering me on and that was great. Then we went to Mixology and celebrated and had a birthday actually for me and Sean Spicer — he's actually a really nice guy — his birthday was Monday night, and we were celebrating mine coming into Tuesday. The cast was all there and it was really sweet.

Tuesday, Sept. 24

Hannah and Alan. (Courtesy of Hannah Brown)

Wow, what a night, what a year. I closed my last day of being 24 with a score of 24 Dancing with the Stars last night, the highest score of the night. It was a dream. I loved my dance to Taylor Swift's "Lover." Everyone knows I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan, I love that song, and that I got to dance to it and dance well to it was just a dream come true.

I think last night going into this new year really put everything into perspective for me of just how blessed I am and what a difference a year has made. Has there been pain, and have there been hearts broken, and have there been things that I just can't understand? Absolutely. But there's been so much good, and I feel like dancing last night really just tied a bow onto an incredible gift this year has been for me.

I cannot wait to continue into this year. I'm 25, and dancing my way through it.

Watch Hannah's Viennese waltz below:

Reporting by Samantha Rollins.