Hannah B. Has Some Thoughts About Jennifer Aniston's Latest 'Bach' Comments

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As Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor has already proven, feuds can erupt out of nowhere. (Champagne-gate, anyone?) However, in the case of Hannah Brown and Jennifer Aniston, there's absolutely no bad blood between them. In fact, Hannah B.'s reaction to Aniston's latest Bachelor comments suggest that the former reality star has nothing but respect for the Friends alum.

The topic was initially broached during an interview Aniston had with Entertainment Tonight at the 2020 SAG Awards. The Morning Show star was asked to share her thoughts about Hannah's two recent appearances on Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor. Her latest visit included the two of them sharing a heart-to-heart about their ongoing feelings for each other, prompting many fans to wonder if the two of them could ultimately reconcile. But Aniston would much rather see Hannah be given some much needed time away from the dating series. Because while she, like so many of us, loves the drama that the show can provide, she's fearful that Hannah is just being used for ratings at this point.

“I do think Hannah can stay home now,” she told ET. “Now they’re using these poor women. It’s embarrassing. You love it, I know. I love it.”

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Naturally, it didn't take long for Hannah B. to catch wind of Aniston's remarks, and the former Bachelorette took it for the innocent, light-hearted comment that it was. “Shade!” she joked while co-hosting ET on Tuesday, Jan. 21. “No, I understand. I just keep coming up!”

It'd be easy to interpret Aniston's remarks toward Hannah in a negative way, but it seems the actor wasn't sick of watching Hannah, but sick of watching her be put through the emotional ringer in front of the cameras. And Aniston isn't the only one who suspects the series might've had a hand in Hannah's emotional second visit.

Bach alum Melissa Rycroft shared with Us Weekly during a recent interview that she thinks producers made Hannah return to The Bachelor. “I would 100 percent imagine producers made her go back on. And I think that she was in an emotional state,” she hypothesized to the outlet. "[The producers] gave her some champagne, they reminded her how great her and Peter were together, and then said, ‘Off you go. There you go.’”

It remains unclear whether or not Hannah pops up again throughout the rest of Peter's season, but if she doesn't, then she and Aniston should maybe think about grabbing a drink together. Between both of their complicated histories with exes, they'd certainly have plenty to talk about.