Hannah Decides To Keep Her Baby On 'Girls' & Proves She Might Just Be Ready For Motherhood

Craig Blankenhorn/HBO

When Hannah first found out she was pregnant on Girls, she surprised not only viewers but also herself by initially rejecting the idea of having an abortion. And her gut reaction turned out to be her final decision since Hannah chose to keep her baby on Girls. As she told her mom during the March 12 episode, "Gummies," Hannah is pregnant and having the baby although she'll probably never see the father (Riz Ahmed's Paul-Louis) again. While Loreen didn't handle the news about becoming a grandmother well, Hannah showed by how she handled her mom — and later, Elijah — that her becoming a mother might not actually be a terrible idea.

The episode started with Hannah staring at a lentil because an internet search told her that was the size of a fetus at six weeks. Even though she flicked the lentil away and then created a list of reasons why it was "insane to have a baby" (reason number six: "I once forgot about a guinea pig for six weeks"), she still decided to go through with it. Because, despite coming up with logical reasons why she wouldn't be ready to be a mother, she couldn't stop thinking that this was her baby — and her mom understood.

Unfortunately, just because her mom could understand why Hannah was having her baby, it didn't help her cope with this news. After consuming an inordinate amount of pot gummy worms, Loreen admitted that she had imagined being a grandmother with her husband — Hannah's father Tad, who is gay. Rather than be happy for Hannah, Loreen's issues consumed her as she became more intoxicated.

Craig Blankenhorn/HBO

After Loreen ran away, Hannah enlisted Elijah's help to find her, even though he had been on a bender of his own. As she dealt with her high mom and her upset roommate, who was less than happy that Hannah was going to become a mother, Hannah showed a maturity that she rarely displays. While Hannah is still very much the character Girls fans met in Season 1 — making sure to grab herself an ice cream cone while frantically searching for her lost mom — she kept her composure during Loreen and Elijah's selfish meltdowns. While she could have broken down and yelled at them for taking away from her big news, she calmly accepted their feelings — even when they were hurtful to her.

Fascinatingly, she received the most motherly encouragement at the end of the episode from the actress portraying a version of her in Adam and Jessa's movie. After the day she had with Loreen and Elijah, Hannah seemed to be doubting her decision, but the actress told her how being an adult is harder than raising kids. In the last moment of the episode, Hannah waved away the actress' secondhand smoke, indicating that she was still going to go through with the choice to have the baby. And while it would have seemed (to use Hannah's words) "insane" for her to have a baby just episodes earlier, somehow Hannah is proving in the final season of Girls that she might be able to handle motherhood — and maybe even end up as cool of a mom as Lorelai Gilmore.