Caelynn & Hannah B. Aren't The Only 'Bachelor' Contestants With A Pageant History

Rick Rowell/ABC

If you thought there were only two pageant contestants on The Bachelor you would be mistaken. In addition to Hannah B. and Caelynn, Hannah G. also competed in pageants before The Bachelor. She even went up against Hannah B. once for the Miss Alabama USA title. Basically, The Bachelor became Miss USA under all of our noses.

Hannah G. is also from Alabama. Her ABC bio says she's from Birmingham, to be exact, and she competed in the same kinds of pageants that Hannah B. did. First, Hannah G. won Miss Oak Mountain — which is the name of a state park nearby Pelham, Alabama. From there, she competed in three Miss Alabama USA pageants. She placed third runner-up (fourth place) in the 2015 and 2016 competitions.

She may not have won, but Hannah was thrilled to have had the chance to participate according to an Instagram post about her 2015 competition. "So did getting 3rd runner up at the Miss Alabama USA pageant this weekend actually happen? Getting the chance to participate in such a fun production was definitely worth getting out of my comfort zone!" she wrote alongside a photo from the swimsuit portion of the contest.

Hannah G. was even more excited for her third attempt at the contest and set up a Facebook page for Miss Oak Mountain 2017 to document her run for Miss Alabama USA. "My name is Hannah Godwin and I will be competing for the title of Miss Alabama USA and I can't wait for this journey!" she wrote on Facebook. (So The Bachelor isn't Hannah's first experience with using the word "journey" over and over again.)

The third time was almost the charm for Hannah G., who placed second (first runner-up) at Miss Alabama USA 2017. You can watch the video of the winner getting crowned to see Hannah G. for a brief moment. She wasn't a sore loser, though, instantly hugging winner Baylee Smith and then getting out of the way to let Smith have her moment.

That was the year she competed also alongside Hannah B. According to Pageant Update, the 2017 competition (which takes place in 2016) was the first year Hannah B. moved up to compete at the Miss level. Before that, she'd last competed in Miss Alabama Teen USA. Hannah B. didn't place in Miss Alabama 2017 — but Hannah G. not only got second place, she also won Miss Congeniality that year.

That sort of explains how she's avoided any Bachelor drama, huh? "Somehow this weirdo got Miss Congeniality," she captioned the below photo marking the occasion.

Hannah G. seems to have stopped doing pageants after the 2017 competition, but Hannah B. went on to win the following year. It seems like Alabama pageants have a thing for Hannahs.

It's odd that The Bachelor didn't bring up that Hannah G. and Hannah B. competed in the same pageants like the show did for Hannah B. and Caelynn. But maybe it's because there was no bad blood between the Hannahs to exploit? After all, Hannah G. is Miss Congeniality. She probably wasn't gonna fight with Hannah B. That's just not what Miss Congenialities do.

So even though Hannah G. didn't win or get a pageant star backstory on The Bachelor, she has the Miss Congeniality title and personality, and that's a pretty good consolation prize.