TIL Hannah G. From 'The Bachelor' Was The Love Interest In A Bunch Of Country Music Videos

Contestants come to Bachelor Nation from all walks of life. Some have regular people jobs like the rest of us — journalists, teachers, medical professionals, accountants, marketing experts. Others are social media mavens, adept at curating the perfect Instagram feed that's bound to land some sweet spon-con deals. And a few even have super glamorous resume items like singer, model or music video actress extraordinaire. That last one actually applies to someone on this season of The Bachelor: Hannah G.'s music video career is no joke. She's actually appeared in some pretty famous clips that you definitely might recognize.

Hannah's made a lasting impression on Colton so far this season, and it feels like she might even be one of the last women standing when this road comes to an end. Even if she isn't, though, Hannah will have a ton to keep her busy. Though her ABC bio officially labels her as a "content creator," the Alabama native has an entire section of her website dedicated to music videos she's starred in.

I'm not talking about tiny local acts who asked her to take part in their videos, either — she's worked with impressive names, particularly if you're a country music fan. Aside from performing with big names, everything about these videos was obviously great preparation for being on The Bachelor. Random concerts? Check. Longingly staring in the distance? Of course. Doing things on dates you'd never do IRL? Absolutely.

Please, allow me to guide you through these one by one.

Hannah starred in a Darius Rucker music video that has more than 7 million views on YouTube — that's nothing to sneeze at! The video features her having the time of her damn life with a new romance, dancing at parties, swimming, and... washing cars? Sure! All the typical joys of first love.

She receives a proposal halfway through the video — potentially foreshadowing her future on The Bachelor?! She's already a pro at the onscreen proposal, so why not? Then she and her blonde mystery beau buy a home, renovate it while wearing cute denim outfits, and by the end, they have started a very Instagram-worthy family! That is the dream.

And that's not all! Hannah also appears in Thomas Rhett's "Leave Right Now" video, which has more than 720,000 views on YouTube. She's a mystery blonde he's chasing through a crowded room, and she kills it. She's certainly more evasive and mystifying in this clip — there's no carefree car washing to be found. Thomas is going to have to put in some work. Hannah's really hardly seen at all — which seems to be the point — and her poor fella is left searching for her in a purple pop haze.

That's still not even all Hannah G. has to offer. Dylan Schneider's "No Problem" video features Hannah looking ethereal as she wanders through an old house in a very beautiful and flowy white dress — perhaps borrowed from Elyse! She and Dylan obviously have problems, judging by their dozen or so almost-kisses followed by somber exits and wistful window stares, but hopefully things aren't too bad.

Hannah G. was also present when Seth Ennis woke up in Nashville! She is truly everywhere. This video, which has nearly 2 million views on YouTube, is also full of longing gazes and untold conflict. I smell a trend. Hannah is shown shrouded in black and white with a single tear falling down her cheek, presumably weighing whether or not she'll forgive Seth for whatever he has done to wrong her.

Hannah looks stunning in all of these videos, and these honestly sound like such fun jobs to take part in. Colton seems smitten with her, but even if Hannah G., doesn't win The Bachelor, she'll be a pro at somberly walking away from the mansion while a country ballad plays her out.