Hannah Left Out One Key Detail About Her & Peter's Windmill Date On 'The Bachelorette'

by Nicole Pomarico

One of the most iconic things to happen on this season's Bachelorette is Hannah and Peter's windmill date, thanks to Hannah's candid reveal that they had sex twice during their overnight there. However, apparently there was more to the story. As Hannah revealed on Monday night's After The Final Rose, they actually had sex in the windmill four times. And she did not hold back from sharing that fact, even though Peter's family was sitting mere feet away in the audience.

Ever since that first promo aired in which Hannah declared that she'd had sex in a windmill twice, the now-historic landmark has become a synonymous part of her season. Fans spent weeks guessing who was in that windmill with her, and then during Fantasy Suite dates, it was revealed that the man in question was Peter, since the windmill served as their shared suite for the night. After Luke P. tried to shame Hannah for having sexual relationships with the other men, she was happy to tell him off and state proudly that yes, she had.

But apparently, Hannah was still holding out on us. After what ended up being a pretty emotional conversation on ATFR, Hannah decided that it was the right time to clear the air and let everyone know that she'd actually been downplaying their Fantasy Suite date, because they'd had sex four times — twice as many times as she'd originally claimed.

The audience completely lost it, and so did fans. Twitter immediately lit up with people praising Peter and Hannah for embracing their sexual chemistry. It's not clear why Hannah decided to withhold what really happened until now, but judging by the reaction she got, it was totally worth it to save it for a big reveal. It's safe to assume that that windmill has truly seen some things, and the tweets have truly been gold:

It's also worth mentioning that Peter's parents had just about the best reaction to this news that anyone could expect from parents hearing about their son's sex life. Peter outright said he felt a little weird about the whole thing, but they seemed happy for him.

Unfortunately, though, whatever happened in that windmill was not enough to earn Peter a rose. There's a lot to love about him — he's been so sweet to Hannah, his family is amazing, and from everything we've learned about him this season, it seems like he's genuinely a good dude. But if he's not the one, he's not the one. Hannah and Peter were both heartbroken, but just as Hannah told Peter, she had to follow her heart, and that's what's really important here. And no matter what happens in the future, at least they'll always have the windmill, right?

Something wonderful is out there waiting for Peter and it'll be fun to find out what (and who) that is. Judging by how much fans love him, we certainly haven't seen the last him in Bachelor Nation.