Harry Potter Lingerie Is A Thing You Can Buy & It Is Wild

In the world of fashion, you can basically get anything you want. Cat-themed clothes? Sure. Marvel-inspired goods? You bet. Now, Harry Potter lingerie is a thing that exists, and you can shop it right now if you please. debuted what appears to be a Gryffindor-inspired sexy student uniform, and if you thought you couldn't have any more Harry Potter paraphernalia, you're clearly wrong.

On Monday, launched their new Fantasy Lingerie sets with designs based on fairy tales, books, and films. From what looks like a Wonder-Woman-inspired ensemble to Little Red Riding Hood, the collection uses "fantasy" as a bit of a double entendre, and it's clearly working.

While the collection featuring the Harry Potter lingerie just launched, it's actually not's first foray into more fantastical costumes. In fact, according to a press release from the brand, the latest pieces were directly inspired by the popularity of their Disney princess lingerie. The brand sold out of the princess lingerie in only 72 hours after its initial launch, and now they're launching an all-new collection.

Currently, the latest pieces are on pre-sale, so you can go ahead and pre-order if you'd like. Given that today, July 31, is Harry Potter's birthday, snagging a piece of Potter-themed lingerie may be a fun way to celebrate.

Magical Student Fantasy Lingerie Costume, $36, Yandy

If you want to shop the Fantasy Lingerie collection, your pre-order will deliver between late August and mid-September, according to the brand. While you may have to wait to have them delivered, there is some good news: the prices.

Vintage Amazonian Fantasy Lingerie Costume, $36, Yandy

The most expensive piece retails for $43.95, and the most affordable option will run you only $21.95. If you're looking for new lingerie that won't break the bank, this may be it.

Yandy Venomous Ivy Fantasy Lingerie Costume, $44, Yandy

If you've always wanted Harry Potter lingerie or if you love the fantastical twist on the movie, head over to Yandy now. If the past repeats itself, these pieces won't stick around forever.