Harry Styles Followed Kiko Mizuhara On Instagram & The Response Was Problematic AF

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The celebrity dating rumour mill has gone into overdrive once again. Unsurprisingly, it is the relationship status of a former member of One Direction that has caused internet chaos. According to several tabloid newspapers, Harry Styles followed model Kiko Mizuhara on Instagram and that now means they're definitely together.

The Daily Mail reports that 24-year-old Styles recently followed 28-year-old Mizuhara on Instagram and has also reportedly made several trips to Tokyo (where she lives) over the past few months. Seeing as the One Direction fandom is still alive and well, it wasn't long before Mizuhara's Instagram was peppered with vile comments.

"KILL LEECH SNAKE KIKO DEVIL PAY FOR THAT FAKE NEWS," read one littered with snake emojis. The word "slut" also features in one that appears to have been written by a jealous Directioner. Thankfully, a few fans were there to calm the torrent and remind others that they were directing their anger at a real person who had done nothing to deserve it.

"The amount of hate she gets because they might be dating is disgusting, come on directioners Harry says "Treat People With Kindness" that includes her, I am a directioner and this whole situation (the hate) is making me sick to my stomach. Leave the girl alone," wrote one fan.

Being a hardcore fan of a celebrity can be an emotional rollercoaster, but it's no excuse to treat another person unkindly. Of course, it doesn't help that tabloids almost encourage this kind of behaviour with their sensationalism. Even though the only 'evidence' of a romantic relationship between a celebrity and another person is a simple Instagram follow, timelines of their supposed 'dating history' will no doubt soon follow, furthering the media and fandom storm.

Since the reports emerged, Mizuhara has tweeted a denial. Arama Japan translated Mizuhara's tweets which stated that the rumours weren't true and that she had never even met Styles. I have reached out to representatives for both Mizuhara and Styles and will update this piece as soon as I hear back.

Instead of attempting to tear another woman down, why not use it as an opportunity to focus on her successes instead? I'm all for learning about, and shouting the praises of, a fellow female's rise to the top. Mizuhara in particular is someone to be celebrated.

She may not be a household name in the UK or even in the US, but Interview describes her as "one of the most famous women in Japan." Born in Dallas, Mizuhara first began modelling at the tender age of 12 after winning a competition to star in Seventeen magazine.

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She then found fame in Japan and has since modelled for almost every major fashion magazine as well as working for the likes of Coach and Marc Jacobs. She has also been a Chanel ambassador and, in 2018, made history by becoming the first Asian woman to be named an ambassador for Dior Beauty, reports Vogue.

Modelling isn't her only talent. Mizuhara has acted in several Japanese dramas along with The Weeknd's "I Feel It Coming" video and has shown a flair for fashion design, having collaborated with Opening Ceremony since 2014. She even has her own label, Office Kiko.

According to Mizuhara, the rumours concerning her and Styles are just that. But it's likely fans will never know the full truth thanks to Styles' penchant for keeping things on the down low. Yes, it's incredibly easy to get caught up in the lives of celebrities, but it's also incredibly easy to forget that their private lives are entitled to remain just that. And no amount of nasty Instagram comments is going to change that.