Heather's Fanciest Pants Moments From 'RHOC'


It only seems appropriate to celebrate Heather Dubrow now that she is officially no longer a Housewife. If you haven't heard the news, Heather announced in January she was leaving the Real Housewives of Orange County after five seasons. You know what that means? No more fancy pants moments from Fancy Pants, herself. So why not honor her by showing off some of Heather Dubrow's fanciest pants moments during her time on RHOC.

There's no doubt Heather brought a classier vibe to this particular Housewives series. That's not to say the other women aren't classy, per se, but she is hands-down the most fancy RHOC star yet. As soon as she came on during Season 7, fans knew the Housewives series that started it all was going to be classed up — a lot.

Her fanciness was immediately noticed by pretty much everyone, especially Tamra Judge who even gave her the nickname "Fancy Pants Dubrow." From that moment on, this is how she was referred to more often than not. It's definitely fitting, too. Sometimes Heather's fanciness was totally unnecessary, but at least she owned it.

With that, here's a bunch of times Fancy Pants Dubrow fully embraced her fancy pants side.

When She Talked About Wine Temperature

Sometimes all Heather wants to do is argue about what the right and wrong wine temperatures are. Then there are those, like Tamra and Vicki Gunvalson, who just want to drink the wine.

When She Built Her New House

And this is the most luxurious mansion you have ever seen. Based on the above gif, price was certainly no object.

When She Picked Out Ice Cubes

Only Heather would be worried about different shapes and sizes of ice cubes for her new house. She knows it's going to melt, right?

When She Only Drank Champs

Heather is all about champs ("shamps"). Yes, it's called champs, not champagne.

When She Designed A Champs Corridor

This is seriously something she has in her new home.

When She Freaked Out Over A Bow

How could you forget about "Cake-Gate"? Remember when Heather hosted a party at her old house and Alexis Bellino's friend Sarah ate the bow off of her cake before it was even cut? It was one of the biggest fights in RHOC history. Note to self: Do not touch Heather's cake before she does.

When She Had A Fireball Flask

During a Season 11 trip to Ireland, Heather had a special flask for Fireball. Rather than the typical flask, it had a strap and looked similar to a purse. It was super fancy. And, yes, of course, it is from Chanel.

When Chandeliers Were Her Good Light

Only "fancy light" for someone as fancy as Heather.

When She Used Fancy Words

From time to time, Heather was known for using big words that not everyone understood. This sometimes also led to her offering up a thesaurus to educate anyone lacking in vocabulary.

Whenever She Said "Oh My"

Only someone as fancy as Heather would say, "Oh my," all the time.

When She Admitted To Having A Chef

Her private chef is always in the kitchen preparing a snack or her next meal. Can you imagine if you had your own personal chef? *sigh* That'd be the life.

When She Didn't Want Onion Rings

All Heather's husband, Terry Dubrow, wanted at her Season 9 get together was onion rings. She did not want him to have them — at all. According to her, lobster and onion rings just do not go together.

When She "Talked Down" To Anyone

Yeah, Heather was sometimes guilty of this. Despite using the word "moron," at least she copped to it, right?

When She Had This Tagline

Her way is the best way.

When She Wanted Expensive Bondage

Yes, because if you're going to buy bondage, get the fancy kind from Neiman Marcus.

When She Called Her Vagina "Fancy"

Everything about Heather Dubrow is fancy, OK?

When She Said This

Jeez. At least give her a chance to be a successful know-it-all.

When She Wanted To Be Carried

Yes, walking on grass while wearing heels is difficult, but really, Heather?

Fancy Pants Dubrow, you and your fancy pants moments will truly be missed.