Heather's First Kiss On 'The Bachelor' Ended Up Being Pretty Cute

Rick Rowell/ABC

The fact that Colton Underwood is a virgin has been brought up more times than anyone can count on The Bachelor this season, but there's someone else on his season who isn't quite as experienced: Heather, who's never been kissed — until now. On Monday night's episode, Heather had her first kiss on The Bachelor, and although the lead up was a little awkward, ultimately, it ended up being a pretty magical moment when it happened.

Obviously, a little bit of awkwardness was in the air from the very beginning of the date. Colton knew that Heather had never been kissed, and they both knew that it was a possibility that moment could happen on their date, and of course, there was pressure that came with that. So after they spent the day in Thailand together, they talked about the situation over dinner. And when Colton asked Heather about her previous relationships, she filled him in: She had dated before, but casually, and her last long term relationship just hadn't worked out.

According to Heather herself, in college, she dated someone in eight months who her friends encouraged her to date — on paper, he couldn't have been more perfect for her. But unfortunately, it just wasn't there for her, and no, in those eight months they were together, he never tried to kiss her.

But that didn't mean she intended to go this long without kissing anyone — it just sort of happened.

"I never thought I'd be 23 years old and never kissed someone, she admitted. "It's not something I planned in my life, but it never happened."

Colton admitted that he felt a little hesitant to kiss her, knowing that she'd never experienced that before, but Heather broke it all down for him, saying:

"I don't want you to think because I've waited this long I'm waiting for some magical moment and I'm only gonna kiss my husband. I would never want you to think that because that's not the case at all. I want to move forward with you. It just makes me really excited about the future and I just want to thank you for that because that's really rare for me."

That was all Colton needed to hear, because at the end of their date — when they went outside by the water to see fireworks and the mood was just right — he kissed her, and surprisingly enough, that part was nowhere near as awkward as all the buildup had been.

And best of all? Heather said that the kiss was "so natural" to her, and Colton was just as excited about it as she was.

"Kissing Heather was magical," he said. "It's something that I know she didn't take lightly and I didn't either. I'm feeling so good and so hopeful and so positive. I'm on a high and I don't think that there's anything that can ruin it."

Somehow, Colton and Heather managed to take what could have been super weird and made it into something really adorable — and a moment that Heather will definitely remember forever, no matter how the rest of this season goes for her.