These Are The 7 Highest-Rated Plus-Size Tights You Can Buy Right Now

Finding the most comfortable and longest-lasting tights for the fall and winter season can be a challenge. It can be even more of a challenge if you're plus size. Finding tights that fit, are truly comfortable, and actually last a whole season (or, if you're really lucky, more than just a season) is just not that easy. And if you happen to also be tall (like me) it can be an even bigger struggle. If you've ever had the misfortune of experiencing what it's like to feel your tights slowly roll down from your waist to your hips to your thighs under a dress while you're basically powerless to fix them until you can get to a bathroom... then you probably understand what I mean (it's not fun).

Lucky for us, though, there is the internet. And there are also hundreds of thousands of people who are willing to say exactly what they think of certain tights after wearing them and rate and review them accordingly. Whether you're looking for control top tights, sweater tights, or just plain black tights that will actually last a full calendar year, tights' reviews and ratings are the best place to start when shopping for the perfect pair. If you don't want to sort through all of that and want to get straight to the best reviewed tights, though, I don't blame you. Here are nine of the top options available to buy right now.

Hanes Curves Opaque Tights

These Hanes tights are available to buy from quite a few e-retailers — and almost every one has dozens of positive reviews. The tights come in a few different opaque, neutral tones and are available up to 4X. One reviewer wrote, "I have to say I was thinking that tights would uncomfortable. Be these are nice. I almost forgot I had them on. Kept my legs warm too!"

Snag Tights

Snag Tights are a fan favorite when it comes to plus size tights (they also offer maternity tights, fish nets, and tights for kids). The tights are affordable and incredibly size inclusive, with options that accommodate up to a size 34 US as well as those that focus on different types of body shapes (small butt versus larger butt, for example). The company itself also has more than 4,400 reviews on consumer review site TrustPilot, 88% of which rate the product as "excellent."

Torrid Microfiber Tights

Buying tights from a brand that doesn't necessarily specialize in hosiery might seem like a risk, but these Torrid tights have almost 200 reviews on the brand's size — and 4.5 stars. They also fit up to a size 30, according to website. One reviewer called them the best tights they've ever owned writing, "First purchased a pair of these back in November and absolutely fell in love with them. I now own 5 pairs which have gotten me through the cold winter. I wear these to work to paired with skirts and dresses. They’re long lasting and I have yet to hit a snag even with my long acrylics. I highly recommend these tights!"

Hue Blackout Tights

If you search plus size tights on Amazon and filter by ratings, these Hue tights are one of the first five options that pop up. Given that the product has more than 1,100 reviews and a solid four star rating, this makes sense. The sizing chart notes that the brand's largest size fits up to a 6 foot tall, 300 pound person, which would most likely fall somewhere between a size 22 and 26.

"I'm a curvy girl...I have been buying HUE for years because the waistband is high enough to really control tummy bulge and not roll down. They last FOREVER. I also like the colors (if you can find the grey it is lovely). These are a really dark black tight, very opaque. I wish they had a bit more sheer of a black that looks a little less formal. As it is, I wore these to a wedding and it was like Spanx (but comfy) and were very comfortable." Amazon customer Luisa Remy wrote of the tights.

Berkshire Easy-On Tights

These Berkshire Easy-On Tights are sold everywhere from Macy's to Amazon, and their rating hovers in the 4-5 star range consistently. One Macy's shopper wrote of the tights in a review, "These are great plus size tights. The fit is perfect. Highly recommend." At $18 a pair, they are on the slightly more expensive side for tights, but the glowing reviews seem to signal that they're worth the price.

Just My Size Blackout Tights

Just My Size's Blackout Tights are super affordable and also known for being as opaque as it gets, if that's what you're looking for. Out of more than 200 reviews (and 4.5 stars), most customers said the tights were true to size and quite a few remarked at how soft the tights were. Customer Janmarie 59 wrote, "I am 6’2” and definitely not thin. I have found for years that the Just My Size tights and the control top pantyhose I can always depend on. They have enough stretch not just to get around a larger size but to stretch to my height."

We Love Colors Tights

We Love Colors is known for offering tights in basically any color you could ever hope for (the brand is frequently used for costumes and cosplay for this reason). If you're in search of colorful tights, reviewers say to look no further than We Love Colors. Their 5X-8X options do have a $2 up charge, but their 8X accommodates someone up to 480 pounds, according to the size chart, which is leaps and bounds beyond what 99 percent of hosiery companies offer in terms of inclusive sizing.

If you scour the internet for the best plus size tights, what you'll find is that people are very, very picky about their tights. The absolute best options stand out not only because people are very vocal when they finally find a pair of tights they love, but also because size inclusive tights are incredibly hard to find.