The Huda x Tweezerman Collab Is A #BrowGoals Kit

OMG, you guys! It's better than we expected! And but "it," I mean that Huda Kattan HudaBeauty x Tweezerman collab. The well-browed beauty influencer and the brand first revealed details about their collab on social media. But now the key details have made themselves available. It's not just a pair of Tweezers that will effectively grab and yank any and all errant hairs that threaten your perfectly groomed brows. Here's everything in the HudaBeauty x Tweezerman collection, which arrives Jul. 10, and it's more epic than I initially thought. It's a complete kit to help you achieve all of your #BrowGoals and beyond.

Based on the images flooding Insta from the Huda x Tweezerman launch party, there is a pair of tweezers because duh! That's what Tweezerman specializes in, in case the brand's name didn't give things away.

But it's really a browscaping kit, since it also includes a mirror, brow scissors, a brow brush, and a clutch shaped like lips. That's a cute touch that is so on-brand, since HudaBeauty is known for its matte liquid lippies.

The black tweezers themselves are also stamped with a variety of lips and the HudaBeauty logo. It's brow tools that are all about the lips graphics.

This might my fave Tweezerman collab since the brand partnered with Betsey Johnson for a bunch of punk rock tweezers years ago.

You get slant tip tweezers, a 10x magnifying mirror, the scissors, the shaper, and the lips-shaped brush bag. Yes!

Again, lips factor into the branding and marketing, despite being brow tools. The kit arrives at the Tweezerman site and Sephora's site on Jul. 10.

This was the initial tease, which makes it appear that multiple pairs of tweezers are a part of the collab, since Kattan is cradling a millennial pink pair that matches her blouse.

Here's an additional tip in the Huda-shared video. She uses the tweezers to apply her false lashes. They grip with precision, so that makes sense. I prefer Tweezerman to all other brow pluckers, because the slanted and sharp tips really do grip and grab every last hair.

This collection is so maj.