Here’s Exactly What To Gift Your Wellness Junkie BFF This Holiday

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Do you have a friend who's always stocking up on kombucha? Training to become a vinyasa yoga instructor? Using the word self-care like it's a mantra? This is your wellness-junkie BFF. They're the one who always seems to have the healthiest-looking glow, 24/7. Even when everyone else is half asleep at brunch, they're wide awake and bright-eyed, and their idea of a good hang is checking out an aerial yoga class. And while you know chances are slim that you'll actually hop out of bed early on a Sunday to go for a run with this person, you also can't help feel inspired by them.

The perfect gift for this friend is one that helps them look as good as they feel, whether that's in the form of a high-powered face cleansing brush or a warm, cozy fragrance. So we've partnered with Ulta Beauty to bring you our picks for the person who's always on their game. With a radiance-boosting skin care set, indulgent body care duo, and blush for maintaining that post-gym flush, this gift list has it all covered.

Post-Spin Perfection

Extra Clean Complexion

Full-On Flush

Warm And Fuzzy Fragrance

Glow Getter

Berry Beautiful

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