Here's The Character From 'The Office' You Are, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

by Nicole Pomarico

After watching nine seasons of The Office, it's pretty easy to identify with at least one of the employees at Dunder Mifflin. But if you want a more "scientific" approach, that's an option, too, when you include one of the most popular personality quizzes in the world. Finding out which character from The Office you are based on your Myers-Briggs personality type could help you learn more about yourself — or at least help you understand why you've always harbored a secret dream of owning your own beet farm someday.

If you've already taken the test and know your personality type, you're good to go. But if not, there are plenty of places online where you can take the test for free, like at the 16 Personalities website. Once you know what your personality type is, you can figure out which Office character is most like you... even if that character isn't necessarily your favorite. Let's be real: We can all agree that, as cringe-y as Michael Scott can be sometimes, we've all identified with his feelings at least once.

Ready? Here's which Office character you are, based on those four little letters that, ideally, describe you to a T.

INTJ: Darryl Philbin

Those who identify as INTJ are known as "the architect," and since the 16 Personalities site describes them as "ambitious but private," this description definitely fits Darryl perfectly. For seasons, he talked about his "big plans" for Dunder Mifflin before leaving to join Athlead with Jim. He was never ready to settle and always wanted to keep moving in his career — and managed to work his way up from the warehouse. If you're anything like Darryl, chances are you are also hard working with a good imagination, and you're probably also good at more than one thing, just like he easily adapted from the warehouse to working upstairs in the office.

INTP: Dwight Schrute

Although INTP personalities are creative, they're also obsessed with logic — something that sounds a lot like Dwight, who loves being right. As an INTP, it's no surprise that he's always trying to start new businesses to make money (Dwight Schrute's Gym For Muscles, anyone?). At work, Dwight is always striving to be the best salesman, and if it were up to him, there wouldn't be any of the office birthday parties that Michael loves so much, which is typical INTP behavior.

ENTJ: Michael Scott

ENTJs are extroverted, natural leaders, and that definitely applies to Michael (even if his employees might not think that he truly belongs in a leadership role). He sets big goals — like finding a cure for rabies or outpacing China as the world's super power — and goes for them full throttle, even if he has no idea how to truly achieve them. ENTJs also aren't always the most in tune with other people's feelings, which would certainly explain a lot of Michael behavior in his love life before he married Holly.

ENFP: Erin Hannon

People who have ENFP personalities tend to care a lot about others, and have outgoing personalities. However, they also tend to have their heads in the clouds, just like Erin usually does, so you have to understand that sometimes, they're going to throw away a disposable camera after taking a photo with it. But that's also part of Erin's charm, and just like many ENFPs, she's always fun, and she's always a ray of sunshine.

ISTJ: Oscar Martinez

ISTJs take their jobs seriously and like to do well at work — just like Oscar in the accounting department. Logic and reason are important to people with this personality type, just like they are with Oscar... who's known around the office for correcting people with an "actually" statement that no one ever asked for. Oscar loves to be right, and if you're an ISTJ, that probably applies to you too.

ESFP: Andy Bernard

ESFPs are known as entertainers, and has there ever been a better word to describe Andy Bernard? He's always trying to be the center of attention — especially when it comes to his musical skills — and as it turns out, that's just typical ESFP behavior. He likes to keep things fun and upbeat around the office, even if sometimes he loses his temper... or tries to drive his Prius under five miles an hour to win a duel with Dwight. ESFPs' feelings are easily hurt, and poor Andy definitely falls into that category at times.

ISFJ: Jim Halpert

At work, ISFJs are loyal, low-drama, and dedicated — and minus his pranks on Dwight, that's definitely Jim, because if he wasn't loyal why else would he have stayed at Dunder Mifflin so long (you know, besides for the receptionist). They're also known as imaginative people, which also applies to Jim... going back to those pranks, of course.

ESTP: Ryan Howard

ESTPs are known as entrepreneurs, always fighting for career advancement — and that's Ryan, until he lost it all and started working at that bowling alley, anyway. However, they can also be known to be insensitive, which we've definitely witnessed in Ryan's interactions toward other people (especially Kelly). On the bright side, ESTPs like Ryan are also very bold and direct, which comes in handy in all kinds of situations.

INFJ: Angela Martin

INFJs are rare, but then again, isn't Angela? They hold integrity as a core personal value, which relates to how Angela loves to play by the rules and do everything by the book. They're hard to get close to and they can get pretty intense when it comes to their beliefs being put into question, but much like Angela, an INFJ can make a deep connection with anyone they choose to get close to (like Dwight).

ENFJ: Kelly Kapoor

Like a typical ENFJ, Kelly is filled with passion and is a very social person. She's usually in a good mood and ready to have a great time, even at work. It's said that people who have ENFJ personalities jump immediately into a big commitment in their romantic relationships, and... well, we've seen exactly that happen with Ryan, even though he didn't feel the same way for most of their relationship.

ISTP: Toby Flenderson

Above all else, ISTPs want to solve problems in a hands-on way, which is perfect for someone who works in HR. Like a typical ISTP personality, Toby likes to create fairness in the workplace (even if Michael often disagrees with what he's doing). He's not chatty, and he's not going to push things farther than they need to go — but unfortunately, nobody he works with really truly appreciates his management style.

ESFJ: Phyllis Vance

As an ESFJ, Phyllis is surprisingly social and warm (even though she does tend to get a bit sassy from time to time, when the situation calls for it — and even when it doesn't). She also enjoys organizing parties, which is a very ESFJ thing to do... and when Angela tries to take full control, it's also very ESFJ for her to call her out. Or, you know, tell the entire office that she's cheating on Andy.

INFP: Pam Beesly

As an INFP personality, Pam may seem reserved on the outside, but on the inside she's bubbling with passion for the things she loves, like art. In the beginning of the series, Pam's mode of handling conflict was totally INFP behavior — avoiding confrontation at all costs and trying to remain diplomatic at all times — but then, we got to see her come out of her shell more and stand up for herself, and it was a beautiful thing. Like other INFPs, Pam also looks at love and relationships in an idealistic way, and she definitely got exactly the fairytale that she wanted in Jim.

ISFP: Meredith Palmer

ISFPs like Meredith are spontaneous people who love taking risks and don't take criticism well when they don't agree with it — which is basically Meredith anytime someone reminds her she needs to wear underwear in the office. ISFP personalities are also known to be a bit too independent, and in the workplace, they don't always follow the rules... kind of like that time Meredith admitted she sleeps with someone at a paper supplier for lower overhead costs and Outback gift cards. But at least she gets the job done?

ESTJ: Holly Flax

It's no surprise that if you're an ESTJ, you're a lot like Holly, because she's totally typical of this personality type. She fights for what's right, even if that just extends to the HR department, and loves rules and order, which is why she was so upset when the company let that incident with Meredith and the Outback cards slide. ESTJs also don't like to waste time with relationships that aren't going anywhere, so it makes sense that she was quick to dump AJ when he wouldn't propose to her. And now, she gets to live happily ever after with Michael, which is all any of us really wanted.

ENTP: Jan Levinson

It goes without saying that Jan has one of the biggest personalities on the show, so she'd definitely be an ENTP. The fact that she doesn't hold back during arguments and likes to put everything out there is very typical of her personality type. She's ambitious and easily engages people, but on the downside, she also loves a good fight... and sometimes, someone's tiny plasma TV will get caught in the crossfire.

No matter what your personality type, all of the characters in The Office are easy to identify with at some point in the show, for better or for worse. And unfortunately, we probably all have a little Michael Scott in us. Oh, wait — that's what she said.