Here's What Cinnabon Tweeted About Carrie Fisher That Is Making Fans So Angry


In a year like 2016, with celebrity deaths at a seeming all-time high, well-wishers attempting to express their condolences have been in hot water more than once for their comments about recently-passed celebs. The most recent company to receive Twitter ire is Cinnabon, purveyors of delicious cinnamon rolls in malls across the country, whose now-deleted tweet about Carrie Fisher following her death on Dec. 27 caused a sizable amount of fuss on social media. The Cinnabon tweet about Carrie Fisher's "buns" seemed to really have irked some mourning fans. Bustle has reached out to Cinnabon for comment. Update: In a statement sent to Bustle, a Cinnabon representative said, "We have great appreciation for the life and career of Carrie Fisher. Our intention was to pay respect through an image we created in her honor for Star Wars Day 2016. We are sorry our tweet appeared disrespectful to some and it has been taken down."

Following the death of the actress best-known for playing Princess Leia Organa in the Star Wars franchise, Cinnabon tweeted a meme of an image of Fisher's famous character drawn in what appears to be cinnamon, with a cinnamon bun in the place of the bun hairstyle worn by Leia in the first films in the series. The image was accompanied by what some consider to be an inappropriate comment about Fisher's "buns," and the now-deleted tweet acted as an impetus for fans to criticize the company for allegedly capitalizing on Fisher's death as an advertising scheme, and acting in poor taste, some claimed, in doing so so soon after her death.

This was the second time Cinnabon used the cinnamon-Leia image — they first used it on May 4 2016 (the "May the Fourth be with you" holiday), with an accompanying caption that said "here's to the princess with the second-best rolls in the galaxy." The second use of the image clearly hearkens back to the first, but this time, most people weren't laughing.

The convergence of widespread brand social media presences and the extremely long and ever-growing list of celebrities who died in 2016 makes for a uniquely fine line when publicly expressing grief. These branding faux pas will soon pass into touchstones of infamy in a year that has had so many strange headlines — and serve as reminders that even if you delete a tweet, it will likely always be out there.