See Hagrid From 'Harry Potter' IRL

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Rubeus Hagrid is the man without whom there would be no Harry Potter. Over the course of seven books and eight films, fans watched Hagrid be a friend, hero, and father figure, and fell in love thanks to the Hagrid actor, Robbie Coltrane. Just as the half giant was crucial to Harry's entry into the Wizarding World, Coltrane was crucial to making audiences believe in a world where giants and magic exist. And, while most fans crave to live in a world where Hagrid (and magic) exists, we don't. However, we do have the next best thing: Coltrane. So, if you're dreaming of living in a world where Hagrid exists, take a look at what Hagrid from Harry Potter looks like IRL. It's really the closest we're gonna get.

Playing Hagrid made Coltrane an international star, though he had previously won three BAFTA TV Awards for Best Actor for his role in Cracker (1993-1996). And yet, without Hagrid's signature beard and wild hair, he's almost unrecognizable — almost. Though he is shorter and better groomed in real life, Coltrane is still recognized as the beloved Care of Magical Creatures professor. "Kids come up to you and they go: 'Would you like to sign my book?' with those big doe-eyes. And it's a serious responsibility," said the actor in an interview with The Guardian. Check out the pictures below of Hagrid from Harry Potter IRL and ask yourself if you would recognize your favorite HP mentor.

On The Harry Potter Red Carpet

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Contrary to popular belief, Coltrane is not, himself, a half giant. The Harry Potter films used some visual trickery, special effects, and costuming to create the illusion that Hagrid was almost twice Coltrane's actual size.

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Years later, on one of the final Harry Potter red carpets, Hagrid (Coltrane) and Dumbledore (Michael Gambon) look pretty different out of their wizarding robes. Still, the smile is just as magical.

Touring The Wizarding World

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Coltrane seems to have embraced his legacy as Hagrid, returning to Diagon Alley at Universal's Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida.

Coltrane And Hagrid

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Coltrane brought along a very special accessory — Hagrid's famous pink umbrella — to the VIP Preview of Diagone Alley at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Does this mean there's a chance Coltrane and Hagrid are the same person? "I like to think of myself as a kind man," Coltrane said, speaking to Larry King on CNN about the similarities between himself and Hagrid. "Where we part company is I know absolutely nothing about breeding dragons," he added with a laugh.

Since wrapping up his time as Hagrid on the big screen, Coltrane has starred in numerous projects. Most recently he starred in the mini-series National Treasure as a comedian accused of sexual abuse. (Fun fact: Julie Walters, who played Mrs. Weasley in the Harry Potter films co-stars in the series.) All four episodes of National Treasure are currently available on Hulu. Fair warning: don't expect any friendly beards or pink umbrellas.