Here’s What’s Coming To Netflix In September 2017, So You Can Plan Your Marathons Accordingly

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It's the end of the month. You've already watched everything you've wanted to watch on Netflix. You're getting bored with scrolling through the things you still don't feel like watching. But then it happens: the list of what's coming to Netflix is released, and suddenly you're excited about streaming shows again. Well, the movies and TV shows heading to Netflix in September are, in fact, here, and they do, in fact, contain a lot of gems that will turn that bored frown upside down. Especially considering how many Disney movies are about to make their way into your queue.

But Disney isn't the only thing that Netflix is about to bless viewers with. There's a new season of Fuller House, there's The Secret Garden, and, for the true crime adjacent fans in all of us, there's more Narcos on the way. Above all, you want to remember to start coming up with excuses for the plans you're going to cancel to stay in and watch all of these and more instead. Because, let's be real. Friends are forever, but some Netflix titles are gone in the blink of an eye. Do you really want to miss it just to go outside? Pass.

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