Here's What's Leaving Netflix In April 2017 & Yes, Joss Whedon Fans Will Need Tissues

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You may be optimistic that April is bringing more than just showers this season, and it is plausible that the new TV shows and movies on Netflix this season are pretty primo. But it seems that the streaming service is doing a lot of spring cleaning, too. In fact, the list of movies and TV shows leaving Netflix in April are massive, and, in some situations, lightly devastating.

Let me be clear about this, because it hurts me on a personal, soul level: Netflix has a big problem with early Joss Whedon shows this month. They're all getting unceremoniously killed off, and without question the biggest loss is that of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I had developed a sense of comfort that Buffy would never leave my laptop, and now it's leaving me at the worst possible time. Thinking about it now, the whole killing off our faves thing is actually pretty Whedonesque.

On top of that, there are a few incredible films getting lost in the mix (Princess Bride, whyyyy?), a weird vendetta against Superman, and that's only the beginning. Therefore, if you want an extensive list of the titles set to leave with the dawn of spring, I've got you covered. Click through to see all the shows and movies set to depart Netflix this April.

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