Here's What's Leaving Netflix In December 2016, So Catch These Classics While You Can


Goodbyes are never easy. Saying goodbye to your favorite titles leaving Netflix is especially difficult, though. How can you be expected to just let something as wonderful as a film or television show go away? More importantly, why do we have to say goodbye? Well, to be fair, a lot of exciting, daring, and sexy titles are arriving to Netflix in December. Once the excitement of the Gilmore Girls arrival dies down and our Thanksgiving hangovers have worn off, we have a lot to look forward to in the way of film and television to make our holiday season extra bright.

So for all of the great films that will be landing on Netflix in December (and trust me, you don't want to miss out on Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, Barry, or Hannibal anytime soon), it only makes sense that we have to bid farewell to those films and TV shows we've let collect dust in our queues. It's tough, I know. But I can promise you that Netflix is only going to give you as much goodness as it's taking away from you.

Surprisingly, there's not too many titles that are bidding us adieu in the final month of 2016. What is being taken away, though, are some genuinely great titles that you cannot afford to pass up any longer. Trust me when I tell you that these films — and one very amazing '90s television show — are going to rock your world.

50 First Dates

This Adam Sandler-Drew Barrymore rom-com about a man who falls in love with a young woman with no short-term memory leaves on Dec. 1.

American Beauty

The visionary drama about a man trying to combat a loveless marriage and midlife crisis blows away like a plastic bag in the wind on Dec. 1.

Camp Takota

You can still find YouTube stars Hannah Hart, Grace Helbig, and Mamrie Hart on their respective internet video channels but their delightful coming-of-age comedy leaves Netflix on Dec. 1.

Carmen Jones

The sexy mid-century update on the beloved Bizet opera sexily slides off our favorite streaming platform on Dec. 1. If you haven't seen Harry Belafonte and Dorothy Dandrige woo each other in the sultriest way, you need to see this one ASAP.

Cats & Dogs

This far-fetched family comedy about a literal cats-versus-dogs conflict hits the road on Dec. 1.

Curious George Swings Into Spring

This kid-friendly title about everyone's favorite monkey swings out in style on Dec. 1.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

This sequel to Elizabeth, featuring a repeat powerhouse performance from Cate Blanchett, ends its reign on Dec. 1.

Event Horizon

The sci-fi thriller — about an mysterious spaceship that holds nothing but trouble for a visiting crew — floats off into the cosmos on Dec. 1.


The underrated indie sci-fi drama posits a world where humans determine their fate based on their biological frequency and it leaves Netflix on Dec. 1.


This sports documentary about four young basketball players fighting to give their high school team a winning season and keep their town's spirits high in America's heartland is off the court on Dec. 1.

Monkey Business

Cary Grant plays an adorably geeky professor whose life gets turned upside-down when one of his laboratory chimpanzees discovers the fountain of youth. Tickle your ribs with laughter before it leaves Netflix on Dec. 1.

Neil Young: Heart Of Gold

This tender documentary about the legendary, soft-spoken folk singer leaves Netflix on Dec. 1.


Starring Ben Affleck as a man on the run after a tech job goes awry, Paycheck leaves Netflix on Dec. 1.

Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A Veggie Tales Movie

Who doesn't love the Veggie Tales series? Indulge you inner child in this cute animated flick before it sets sail on Dec. 1.

River Of No Return

Don't miss Marilyn Monroe in one of her earliest roles, opposite action hunk Robert Mitchum, in an dramatic Western about two lost souls trying to find their way towards redemption. It departs Netflix on Dec. 1.

Sling Blade

This Billy Bob Thornton-starrer about a man convicted of murder and trying to start fresh in a small town leaves on Dec. 1.

The In-Laws

Another Albert Brooks comedy is hitting the road, so catch this one — about a secret agent father-in-law about to shake up the life of a very mild-mannered father-of-the-bride — before Dec. 1.

The Out-Of-Towners

You can get into the holiday spirit with this fish-out-of-water vacation comedy featuring Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn before it goes out in style on Dec. 1.

Top Gun

Take the highway to the danger zone with the Tom Cruise classic until it leaves Netflix on Dec. 1.

Valley Of The Dolls

A classic in every way, this 1967 adaptation of the Jacqueline Susann novel follows three young women as they navigate fame, love, and friendship. Catch it before it leaves on Dec. 1.

World Trade Center

This film is a dramatic and heroic retelling of two Port Authority police officers who get trapped in the rubble of the World Trade Center during 9/11. The Nicholas Cage-starrer leaves Netflix on Dec. 1.

The Red Baron

This high-flying World War I epic features supporting appearances from Lena Headey and Joseph Fiennes. Catch it before it flies out of the Netflix stratosphere on Dec. 2.

The Best Of Me

Underrated Nicholas Sparks adaptation The Best of Me will have you believing in the power of love once again. It's perfect to get you in the lovey-dovey holiday spirit, so catch it before it leaves Netflix on Dec. 3.


Shia Laboeuf's breakout role as Stanley Yelnats, an extremely unlucky teen who goes through a few surprising twists of fate at a juvenile detention center, is only around for a few more weeks. Catch this film before it goes away on Dec. 5.

The DaVinci Code

The film that started the blockbuster franchise about symbologist Robert Langdon is a can't-miss Netflix title. See it before it leaves on Dec. 14.

Beyond The Hills

The foreign language drama about a young woman trying to rekindle an intense friendship is perfect for when you want to take the contemplative film route. Watch it before it leaves on Dec. 16.

Dark Skies

In this movie, Keri Russell's character gets an extraterrestrial visit that leads to terrifying events, making this one film you don't want to miss before if leaves on Dec. 22.

Just Friends

This classic Ryan Reynolds rom-com about a man who returns home for the holidays and tries to with the romantic affections of his longtime crush leaves Netflix on Dec. 26.

Spy Kids

Carmen and Juni Cortez can't be stopped from saving the world, so don't miss you chance to indulge in the nostalgia of their exploits. Spy Kids leaves Netflix on Dec. 27.

Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

All six seasons of this insane and iconic '90s TV show about the life of the infamous Greek hero (with the campy notch turned up to 11) leaves Netflix on Dec. 31.