Here's What's Leaving Netflix In February So You Can Brace Yourself For Heartbreak

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February may be the shortest month, but it's also one of the most emotional. If you're not in a relationship, then Valentine's Day can be a hard one. If you're away from your friends, then Galentine's Day is even harder. And, like every other month, there are TV shows and movies leaving Netflix in February that will certainly give you something to cry about. Honestly, it's a wonder that we don't buy a month's worth of tissues to get us through what should be a really quick time. Especially considering all the following TV shows and movies leaving our Netflix queue, so they will no longer be available to hold our hands, tell us it will be OK, and distract us from the world for a few hours. Or days.

Sure, there's a silver lining in all the things that will be coming to Netflix in February 2018. But at what cost? At what cost? Before we can say hello, we need to say goodbye, so make sure you find the time to marathon these programs and films before they're gone. You don't want to miss out and get FOMO over something that was always yours to watch if only you'd taken advantage of it before February rolled around.

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