Here's What's Leaving Netflix In May 2017 & It's A Really Random Bunch

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When the last third of the month swings around, I always have to brace myself, because, as new arrivals on streaming services get announced, plenty get kicked out. As such, there's about to be a spring cleaning: there are several titles leaving Netflix in May 2017, enough to make a journalist's hand cramp up while rounding them up. And while it isn't nearly as devastating as April 2017's losses (R.I.P., Buffy), there are still some certain things I'm not ready to let go of.

To begin with, Netflix is for some horrible reason pulling the plug on Scrubs. This is an epic cruelty, and a hard hit for any of us who just need a post-modern, several season, universally-pleasing sitcom fix. That pretty much just leaves The Office, and, the way things are looking, The Office will probably get the axe in June.

Other than that and one or two movies I'm personally emotionally attached to (I already miss Grosse Pointe Blank), it isn't that bad. There are a lot of Smithsonian documentaries that are going to head out all at once, sure, and yet somehow I think we'll get by. But just so you're well informed, here is everything leaving Netflix next month.

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