What's Coming To Netflix In May 2017 Will Have You Jumping For Joy

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Netflix and I are in a stable, committed relationship, and we have been for quite some time, so just to keep life interesting, we like to shake things up once a month. You know, to keep the fire alive — as if you need to when you have partner as compelling as my baby, Netflix. But just when I thought I couldn't have any stronger feelings, the list of what's coming to Netflix in May 2017 has bowled me over once again. And not to get too effusive about my relationship, but the streaming service really does know exactly what I like, and makes sure to get me gifts I can share with all of my friends, too.

There are no last-minute coupons for a free back massage here — Netflix is really putting thought into this with something for everyone. There's Season 5 of the gripping thriller House of Cards, Tracy Morgan's long-awaited comeback special Staying Alive, feel-good family movies like Happy Feet, and romantic treats for your heart and your stomach like Chocolat. All this in a single month — and it isn't even my birthday, or our anniversary, or Valentine's Day. Netflix treats me and my pals like queens every day of the year, and the month of May is no different.

And all that Netflix asks in return is for some quality time with a glass of wine on the couch. Let's raise our glass to the best partner ever — here's to another month of being completely and totally understood.

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