Here's What's Leaving Netflix In November 2017 To Give You A Good Reason For Your Holiday Blues

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As the seasons change, so does the list of what's available on Netflix. Yes, that's right, there are new TV shows and movies leaving Netflix in November 2017, and you're going to want to catch these while you still can. Some of the movies are super nostalgic — if you haven't seen Twilight yet, then now's the time to catch the film that Robert Pattinson hates so much — and some of the movies are super random — the entire plot of Hatched is bizarre in a way only children's movies can be — but all of them are probably worth an eye. So too with the TV shows, because we're losing things like How I Met Your Mother and Jessie. Basically, from now to November should be your excuse to stay indoors and queue up as many things as you can.

As we all know, nothing stays on Netflix forever, no matter how good it is. So, before you tell yourself for the 100th time in a row that you'll watch Sky High or Hannah Montana: The Movie later, watch out. Later is coming up much sooner than you realize. Time to stop being lazy and start planning veiwing parties.

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