What’s Leaving Netflix In October 2017 Will Make Your Halloween Even Scarier, To Be Honest

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Another month means another change in your Netflix queue, but October is not your ordinary month. This means that what's leaving Netflix in October 2017 isn't your ordinary list of projects to say goodbye to. It's hard to concentrate on anything but what costume you're going to wear when October, better known as Halloween Month, hits, but these last calls shows and movies are basically your last chance to distract yourself from pumpkins, bats, and cutting eyeholes in your sheets until November. As such, any marathon you hold to catch these before they leave should include a preparatory bowl of candy corn — because, let's be real, you don't want to think about anything but Halloween.

Lucky for you, some of the classics leaving the streaming network during Halloween Month are pretty darn scary. In any other month, that might be a negative thing. But imagining living life without these fan favorites is full-on terrifying, so they fit in perfectly with this month's spooky theme. How are you supposed to get by without Liz Lemon's quirky life lessons after 30 Rock is taken down on Oct. 1? Or without the electric chemistry between Coach and Tami Taylor on Friday Night Lights after it makes its exit? These are the kind of hair-raising questions you'll have to answer in October, so fill that candy bowl up to the brim and get to watching.

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