This Podcast Series Is All About Body Positivity

by Gina Jones 2

For those who are searching for body positive content, podcasts are a great place to turn. There are Bustle's The BodCast or Bad Fat Broads to subscribe to (to name just two), and now, there is the Confidence Podcast Carnival, a series of nine body positive podcasts covering any and all topics under the body positive umbrella. The best part? You can find them all in one place.

Founded by body positive enthusiast and fat activist Victoria Welsby, Bam Pow Life is a site that seeks to promote self love in all aspects and for everyone, while also actively engaging in helping people through eCourses. Her current project, the Confidence Podcast Carnival follows nine prominent speakers and a varied amount of topics all falling under the body positivity umbrella — including dressing, disordered eating and the differences between body positivity and fat activism.

The Confidence Podcast Carnival serves as an invaluable source to top up your body positive knowledge or throw a friend into a crash course on self love.

The line up is a diverse and interesting list of powerful women in the body positive community: Virgie Tovar, Jes Baker, Marie Southard Ospina, Alysse Dalessandro, Melissa A Fabello, Melissa Gibson, Ushshi Rahman, Adiba Nelson and Michelle Elman. All feature in their own episode of the series, hosted by Victoria Welsby.

"It was just a really great opportunity for some incredible voices to come together and vocally address so many issues of size acceptance." Marie Southard Ospina tells Bustle, "Anything that brings together and lifts up strong, unapologetic female voices is really important, particularly right now I think. Given the current cultural climate and the threats to women's rights we're experiencing, this felt like the perfect reminder that there are so many women fighting for something. Still, despite many forces of the universe trying to silence us, shrink us, change us."

"So much of fat acceptance work is done via writing. And although (as a writer) I would never downplay the value of reading something completely game-changing and radical, there's a lot to be said for the vocalization of empowering subjects." Ospina says, "To hear women verbally discuss the importance of deconstructing BS beauty standards and fighting for rights they do not have because of their bodies has always been impactful to me. Sometimes I think hearing the words aloud is more striking than reading them."

To avoid robots and trolls, the site requires an email to access these podcasts. After following the link sent to you, a whole world of wonderful, confident women is opened up to you, all aiming to share their knowledge and help you with your "next step on your confidence and body love journey."

Each podcast episode lasts roughly an hour, full nine hours of body positive inspiration to listen to at the gym, in bed or on the bus. Whether you're looking for detailed critique or positive affirmations, The Confidence Warrior podcast series has you covered.

Welsby also prioritizes intersectionality in each of the nine podcasts — topics like chronic illnesses, sexual encounters, cultural standards of beauty, feminism, family members and mental health are all brought to the table.

Every care has been taken with this podcast to cover as many topics as possible, with the appropriate trigger warnings to help keep listeners safe. Whether you choose to smash through all these in one sitting or savor them, piece by piece, the series will be there to catch up on at any time.