Nick Viall's 'DWTS' Scores Are Making Twitter Mad

Eric McCandless/ABC

Nick Viall has been on my television for, I don’t know, like 160 consecutive weeks (that’s hyperbole, but still), and I’m only getting sick of him now. Why do I bring this up? Because it seems like the judges on Dancing With The Stars are really sick of him, given the scores that he’s getting from them. Nick’s low scores on Dancing With The Stars are pissing the Internet off — some think Nick should be gone already, but for the most part, Twitter thinks these judges are being like, way harsh, Tai.

Nick’s jive on the April 24 episode of Dancing With The Stars was pretty entertaining — he and partner Peta Murgatroyd jived their little hearts out to “Fun, Fun, Fun” by Beach Boys, and it was a 1960s surf-themed wonderland, complete with surf boards (obviously), beach balls, and plenty of girls in bikinis. Nick probably felt really at home with that last detail around him. Nick messed up a few steps — he’s still a little wooden — but he’s learning. He’s picking things up, which is all you can really ask for from a guy who is used to dancing around his feelings on The Bachelor and not dancing on the hardwood at Dancing With The Stars.

Nick is trying, y’all, and the judges still gave him like, straight sevens. I mean, it wasn’t that bad.

The Internet thought the scores were pretty uncool, too.

Like I said, Nick is really trying, and he mentioned in his pre-dance interview that he feels intimidating dancing next to celebrities that he grew up watching compete for gold medals (like Nancy Kerrigan) or winning baseball games (like David Ross). I’m the first person to be hard on Nick Viall, but we can’t say that he’s not trying. It may be a whole lot of smoke and mirrors with having Vanessa on the show and all that, but Nick is trying to nail his steps and the judges are still not having it.