Hidden Valley Just Launched 3 New Dipping Sauces For Your Pizza

Hidden Valley

Ranch is a polarizing condiment. Many reserve it for dipping raw veggies or as a means of making kids eat salad. But, have you ever considered just how versatile it is? Ranch dressing is, bar none, the most perfect dip on the market today. True lovers of the tangy white stuff know its perfect pairings are not the ones you'd typically think about. Case in point: pizza. Have you ever dipped a slice of pizza in ranch? What about the crust? Pizza crust is basically a breadstick, anyway. And per that point, Hidden Valley released three new dipping sauces, all of which promise to change the pizza-dipping game forever.

Ranch stans, listen closely, because this is a truly choose-your-own-adventure ranch rodeo. The creamy dipping sauces come in Zestier Ranch, Bold Buffalo, and Ranch-Dipped Pizza flavors, all of which are specifically crafted to enhance the flavor, and perfectly complement the foods for which they are named.

But really, one here is the standout. Ranch is already zesty and buffalo sauce and ranch are a classing duo. Pizza and ranch, on the other hand, is something wholly unexpected. It's certain to make a splash.

The Hidden Valley website offers some insight into what you can expect from each of these new releases. The Zestier Ranch is ideal for "when those special dipping occasions arise." In terms of flavor, "think twice the garlic, twice the onion — twice the taste." The Bold Buffalo is ranch on another level of spicy. Encompassing hints of vinegar and pepper in its familiar buttermilk base, the Buffalo Ranch comes with a warning that, when consuming it, you can "expect your taste buds to get jolted into a different realm of deliciousness." Finally, the piece de resistance: Ranch-Dipped Pizza Ranch. Hidden Valley puts it best: "Pizza and Ranch — the combo that inspires passion in everyone. Now that they’re together in one rich, creamy dip, you can add a third thing — any dip-worthy delight you’ve got on hand." Just imagine what it would taste like dipping pizza in pizza-flavored ranch. Next level.

Hidden Valley has long been the ahead of the game in the ranch industry. During the holiday season in 2019, Hidden Valley released a line of products geared toward the unabashed ranch aficionado. Among the products were a few different ranch-inspired holiday sweaters, a $25 bottle of Magnum Ranch, a Hidden Valley Ranch dressing bottle Christmas tree topper, and a ranch fanny pack for holding bottles of the dressing. But, most unexpected (and wonderful) was the humongous inflatable bottle of ranch. The salad dressing inflatable came complete with a blower and tethers, so you didn't need to buy anything additional to show off your love of the stuff to the rest of the neighborhood and world.

Right now, the holiday offerings are on hold until next winter. But, you can still indulge in the best way: with the real stuff. Find Hidden Valley Ranch Blasted Dipping Sauce at your local grocery store in the coming weeks.