Cheese Memes For National Cheese Day

You might want to mark your calendar for June 4, because it's National Cheese Day — yes, that's now a real holiday, I'm not making this up. Or, you might not need to, because every day is cheese day for you — in which case, no judgment, because #same. But even if your fridge is full of cheese and you already don't order anything on any menu that doesn't include cheese as the main event, and you ask for extra cheese on everything, you might want to consider going extra, extra on National Cheese Day with some memes, just for fun. Because, IDK, cheese deserves your hype. Don't you think? Cheese is always there for you when you need it, so consider showing your appreciation by appreciating cheese on the holiday.

Yes: you might want to consider just enjoying some of these cheese-themed memes because they're free and don't require any clean up. Unless of course they send you zombie walking for the cheese aisle at the grocery store and send you into a cheese bender in which case you might wake up surrounded by a lot of wax and packaging. But honestly that's on you. Here they are, my favorite cheese memes of the internet, in no particular order:

Me In High School Tho


I literally had an issue with everything except for cheese dusted foods.

Sweet Cheese

This is pretty cute tho.

No, Craig

I will not adjust my budget in any way that won't accommodate my cheese addiction. Obviously.

Honestly Tho...

Me neither. I've tried to think of difference scenarios but they all seem pacified by eating cheese.

Uh, Yes

Yes, always looking for you, cheese. Always.

Hey, That's Good Point


Why are the smelliest, holiest, sourest cheeses the most expensive? Who made these rules? Why do we abide!?

Yeah, But Like, That's OK


I mean, is anyone complaining about how cheesy cheese pizza can be? I don't think that's a thing that people are upset about.

Must Love Cheese


But like, how awkward would it be if you were really into someone and found out they didn't love cheese as much as you did. Wouldn't that be unbearable? Or would it be amazing because you'd never have to worry about them taking your cheese? Food for thought.

Can't Be Mad


You know? Sorry, not sorry.

If You Had Super Powers


Would you use them for cheese? I would.

What I Look For In A Partner


Is the ability to cook basic kid's foods like mac & cheese from a box. Bare minimum.

When Someone Judges Your Cheese Intake


And no matter how sick you feel, you tough it out to prove them wrong.