Hilarious Pet Memes For National Pet Day

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Of all the national holidays, National Pet Day on Apr. 11 might be one of the most exciting — and, well, adorable. Mainly because it means that for 24 hours, our social feeds will be filled with cute, cuddly animal content — the stuff that dreams are made of. And because I'm so selfless, I've put together some of the greatest and funniest memes about pets for National Pet Day so that you don't have to comb through the internet for the best ones.

I know, I know, my job is so hard. I had to spend a few hours looking for pictures of animals doing adorable things so that I could make a list for you. Poor me. To make up for the strife, just enjoy these memes and I don't know, do something special for National Pet Day.

Maybe pet a few dogs on Apr. 11, or make a donation to an animal adoption agency, or tell your pets how much you love them. If you're feeling really devoted, commission a painter to do a portrait of your favorite pet so that you can hang it in your home and make every day Pet Day. And if you're feeling really festive, invite over your neighbors and have a pet party tonight at your house. While you decide how to best celebrate the holiday, enjoy these memes:

Just A Sip, K?

Anything you want! Take it all!

I'll Never Do It Again!

I'm so sorry for offending you with my bodily functions.

This Was My Life

Growing up, it felt like everyone around me was getting hamsters and kittens and I couldn't have anything but Beanie Babies.

You Do You Boo!

Find your people!

Why Can't We Be Friends?

Who says cats and bunnies can't be friends?

So True Tho

In the winter, we're all, "come cuddle!" and by summer, we're all "don't touch me!"

Me, Every Time I Pass An Animal

I zombie walk to them, "MUST. TOUCH. ANIMAL."

We All Know That One Pet

That thinks your sole purpose on Earth is to pet them and they will literally drag your hand onto their fur to ensure you pet them.

Is This Too Clingy?

Or, is this chill with you?

Minimize Everything

You have to close everything out and freeze, while you side eye the person behind you and pretend that you weren't doing anything shady.