Rosé Memes For National Rosé Day

by Kiersten Hickman
rose with foam and bubbles
Tim Bieber/Photodisc/Getty Images

National Rosé Day is on June 10, so we all know what that means — time to let the internet know it's the most important holiday with a slew of rosé memes to share. Because nothing says "rosé all day" like a few memes to show your utter excitement for this iconic day!

If there's one thing I've learned from watching endless episodes of New Girl, it's this: pink wine is nothing to be ashamed of, and should most definitely be enjoyed while listening to Taylor Swift crying alone. Right? OK... maybe too dramatic, because we know on National Rosé Day you're going to want to invite all your lady friends and party it up pink drink style. So grab your besties, a few bottles of your favorite pink rosé (preferably sparkling, if you want to hone in on some Jess-like New Girl vibes), and your favorite Taylor Swift tunes.

Now a little disclaimer for all of you: If you're not a huge pink wine fan, don't judge. June 10 is for the rosé fans, so don't rain on their parade. But if you do, make a joke about it (yes, there are some memes for you as well in this list). Or at least get a bottle of nice pink wine and try hard to appreciate the nature of the sparkling rosé in it's natural habitat.

Here are a few memes to share on National Rosé Day:

The struggle is real.

To the true rosé queen, that new girl Jess.

Again, Jess, she just gets it.

For all those rosé snobbies.

And again, for all the wine snobs out there who aren't about that cheap wine life.

Rosé all day, ya'll!

Because we all know what "wearing pink" truly means...*glug glug glug*

"Honey, where has all the rosé gone?"

No words. But actually, though...

Is that even a question?

It is such a money saver people. Bring on the pink drink!

Such beautiful poetry to touch your inner soul!

Image: Tim Bieber/Photodisc/Getty Images