Hilariously Weird Things People Are Blaming On The Solar Eclipse

Jared C. Tilton/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Monday's solar eclipse was a lot of things to a lot of people. For those of us who were into it, and a lot of us were into it (more than 323 million, according to one CNN poll) it was a day for the record books. Momentous: Yes. Awe inspiring: Definitely. Historic: Absolutely. Beautiful: Sure was. However it has also, not surprisingly, become the butt of a lot of Twitter fodder today, which quite frankly, has been hilarious and amusing to read. Specifically, a lot of people are blaming hilariously weird things that are happening to them now on the solar eclipse.

While some of these tweets are more legit and express genuine concerns of vision loss and headaches (mostly it seems attributed to people who stared directly into the sun) other's — like sore feet from standing around all day (why wouldn't you just sit?), bad poetry, what one Twitter user is referring to as "eclipse neck," acne, dreams about demon ghosts, tummy trouble after eating too much, and "judgment from birds" are downright funny. Read on for just a sampling of some of the weirdest things people are blaming on yesterday's solar eclipse.

Honestly, some of these people might be onto something.

1. Acne

2. Child Demon Ghosts

3. Vision Issues

4. Eclipse Neck

5. Tummy Trouble

6. Sore Feet

7. "Solar Hangovers"

8. Headaches

9. Being Sad

10. Gender Euphoria

11. Bad Poetry/Judgement of Birds

12. All of The Above