How The Solar Eclipse Could Affect Your Sign
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The biggest cosmic event in North America is fast approaching. The Aug. 21 solar eclipse is happening during Mercury Retrograde, and it's likely to have a pretty big effect on your life — even after it's over. So, just what does the 2017 solar eclipse mean for your sign? While the actual solar eclipse will only last two minutes, according to Astrologist Lynn Koiner it can affect you for three-to-six months before it happens, and for up to one year afterward.

This solar eclipse is the first one visible in North America since 1979; however, that one was only visible in a few states in New England, making this solar event the first one visible to most of North America in almost 100 years. The eclipse, which takes place Aug. 21, 2017 at 28 degrees and 53 minutes of Leo, will affect people born with personal planets and points at approximately 24 to 30 degrees of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius), and approximately 0 to 4 degrees of the mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) most significantly, Cafe Astrology noted. If you're not sure what your personal planets are, you can do a free astrological birth chart to find out.

Solar eclipses signify new beginnings, and the Astro Twins noted that eclipses can usher in the unexpected, which can force you into action whether you'e ready or not. It's not a bad idea to consider a new moon/solar eclipse ritual to set your intentions. If you want to know how the solar eclipse will affect your sign so you can be prepared to wade through the cosmic kerfuffle, here's the quick and dirty on what to expect.


Aries Gets Creative

While cardinal-sign Aries might feel full of creative expression this month, Cafe Astrology noted that it's not the time for engaging in any long-term commitments. "The solar eclipse can affect [Aries] in various ways, as it occurs in your sector of romance, hobbies, creativity, and children. This eclipse acts to usher in change and new beginnings in one or more of these areas, and your life may feel as if it's been turned upside down, likely in a very positive way."

Astrology King noted that the solar eclipse is an ideal time for Aries to experience growth and success, and the effect of the eclipse will last until February 2018.


Taurus Trends Toward Change

The solar eclipse will bring winds of change for fixed-sign Taurus. Cafe Astrology noted that the solar eclipse will have Taurus focusing on matters close to home: "Because the energies centered on this sector of your solar chart are so dynamic, you'll want to do something special, take action, and make changes. In fact, changes in your family dynamic or home life are necessary — and may be a long time coming — as the solar eclipse ushers in powerful energy for new beginnings in your personal life."

If you've been feeling out of balance since the recent lunar eclipse, Astrology King reported that things will start looking up for Taurus with the solar eclipse. And, if you feel strongly about something during this time, you're likely to get what you want.


Gemini Is A Force

Mutable-sign Gemini, you're going to will blow through August at a furious pace with most of your focus on letting go of the past, and forging new relationships and partnerships as result, according to Cafe Astrology: "This eclipse occurs in your solar third house, suggesting a new approach to communications projects, learning, or self-expression. A new position in the neighborhood, relocation, or increased interaction with others may be part of the picture in the coming months, as well as a sense of renewal and reinvigoration with regards to the way you handle your daily activities."

Astrology King noted that bold changes are on the horizon for Gemini as a result the solar eclipse, and will last through February if Gemini can resolve any outstanding relationship issues first.


Cancer Focuses On Career

For cardinal-sign Cancer, the solar eclipse is an ideal time to put plans into action, and achieve your goals. "The solar eclipse happens in your solar second house, and Mars charges through this sector all month, making you intent on bringing your recent ideas and endeavors to life and building or developing these projects," Cafe Astrology noted.

According to Astrology King, conditions are good for Cancer from the solar eclipse through February with a harmonious home life lending the support you need to improve your career prospects.


Leo Gets A Clean Slate

For fixed-sign Leo, the solar eclipse in Leo can give lionesses a clean slate. "Something new begins, and it can feel much like a new chapter in your life story," Cafe Astrology noted. "You are ready to kick bad habits, start fresh, and present a more self-assured 'you' to the world. However, this can emerge from a feeling that you're very much not in control or in charge, so there can be some discomfort involved."

Astrology King noted that the solar eclipse in Leo is an ideal time for those born under Leo to turn over a new leaf, work toward future goals, and leave the past in the past.


Virgo Looks Within

It's a rocky time for mutable-sign Virgo with Mercury Retrograde in Virgo. The solar eclipse will have Virgo-born people looking within, and bring great introspection and contemplation to this sign. "The solar eclipse reinforces a need to look within [Virgo]," Cafe Astrology noted. "August is important for seeking out a balance between doing and resting, and slowing down can, in fact, benefit you."

Astrology King noted because the solar eclipse is in Virgo's solar chart, the good vibes from the solar eclipse could last as long as a year for Virgo. So, after a tumultuous Mercury Retrograde, things will turn around.


Libra Embraces Collaboration

Cardinal-sign Libra is ready to get their group groove on during the solar eclipse. "[For Libra] the solar eclipse brings a charge of energy to friendships and group associations," Cafe Astrology revealed. Some of you may have been pursuing a project on your own, and you now recognize the need to delegate tasks, collaborate, or start something brand new. The change is likely to be an empowering one."

Astrology King noted that determination and enthusiasm are the secrets to Libra's success during the solar eclipse with positive effects lasting through February.


Scorpio Sees Issues Bubble To The Surface

For fixed-sign Scorpio, issues that have been resting just below the surface will take center stage during the solar eclipse. "This is a time for entirely new direction or a brand new outlook on your goals," Cafe Astrology explained. "It's a great time for getting your financial affairs in order, and this can tie in beautifully to the whole 'turning over a new leaf' vibe of this eclipse season."

Astrology King noted that for Scorpio, the solar eclipse will bring forth bold new changes that can radiate for the next seven months, especially in your personal life.


Sagittarius Strikes A New Balance

Mutable-sign Sagittarius will strike a new balance in life during the solar eclipse. Think of it like your own personal new year. "[For Sagittarius], the solar eclipse brings desires to expand and grow to a turning point and helps clear the path for new beginnings," Cafe Astrology noted. "In the coming weeks and even months, energy levels smooth out, and you find a fabulous balance between responsibilities and pleasure."

Astrology King noted that in order for Scorpio to reap the rewards of the solar eclipse, they must first resolve outstanding relationship issues. Putting off having a big conversation? Do it before Aug. 21.


Capricorn Could Find New Support

Cardinal-sign Capricorn could uncover new support during the solar eclipse, but only if they let go of the past first. Because the solar eclipse occurs in Capricorn's eighth solar house, Caps might discover a new way to share financial resources. Additionally, "New intimate liaisons or arrangements surrounding support from others (loans, joint finances, alimony, and so forth) may be formed in the coming months, as well as a sense of renewal and reinvigoration with regards to your ability to employ self-mastery skills," according to Cafe Astrology.

Astrology King advised Capricorn to head into the solar eclipse with determination for the future in order to reap rewards for the next seven months.


Aquarius Enhances Personal Relationships

During the solar eclipse, fixed-sign Aquarius will discover a new way to relate to the people around them. The solar eclipse occurs in Aquarius' seventh house. "A new set-up in existing partnerships or a new relationship altogether may be formed in the coming months, as well as a sense of renewal and reinvigoration with regards to your one-to-one relationship skills," Cafe Astrology noted. "This is a phase when you have an increased awareness of the need for someone significant to lean on or to rely on."

Astrology King predicted a good outcome for Aquarius during the solar eclipse and beyond, but cautioned that you'll need to be wary of those who try to derail you out of jealously.


Pisces Manifests Dreams

The solar eclipse could have mutable-sign Pisces overextending themselves, which could leave them drained. Cafe Astrology advised that Pisces embrace the message from the lunar eclipse to slow things down into the solar eclipse. "A new set-up in existing jobs or a new job altogether may be formed in the coming months, as well as a sense of renewal and reinvigoration with regards to your daily activities, health routines, and attention to practical matters. This is a phase when you have an increased awareness of the daily routines that keep you organized and of your own health."

Astrology King noted that for Pisces, the solar eclipse is a time of manifestation, and drawing on natural talents will deliver long-term success and happiness for the fish.