Hilary Duff Got Bangs For 'Lizzie McGuire'

E! Entertainment/NBCUniversal/Getty Images

Disney+ has officially launched, so the likelihood that '00s kids are re-watching all of their childhood favorite shows is high. However, Lizzie McGuire may be the one series you prioritize catching up on. The show is slated for a reboot, which is why Hilary Duff's bangs are back. This photo of them is going to get you really excited to journey back to the early aughts.

In a photo slide uploaded to her Instagram story, Duff showcased new, wispy bangs that will certainly look to familiar to fans. According to Allure, Duff added the photo while she appeared to be on the set of the new, more grown-up series. In the reboot, McGuire is living her life in New York City as an assistant to an interior designer. While Lizzie's life may be different in the new show, her wispy, blunt bangs are bringing the nostalgia for fans.

If you were thinking that Duff got the bangs for real, unfortunately, that doesn't seem to the be the case. In images uploaded to her Instagram feed, she still appears to be rocking a longer, middle-parted fringe that's not short or wispy enough to double as the bangs in her Instagram story. However, on Nov. 18, Duff's bangs were back again in another Instagram post, and it wasn't just the bangs that prove Lizzie's hairstyle has returned for the show. Around her neck, Duff just so happens to be wearing an "L" initial necklace.

Long live, Lizzie!

Hilary Duff/Instagram

The new 'do for the show isn't Duff's first foray into bangs, though. Back in May, the Younger actor got the pair that she's still rocking now (while not filming Lizzie McGuire, obviously). Hairstylist Nikkie Lee gave Duff a pair of soft, '70s curtain bangs, and the "So Yesterday" singer added the process to her Instagram story. While no, they aren't the blunt, choppy look of her famous Disney character's hairstyle, Duff clearly knows how to work the style on her own.

Hilary Duff/Instagram

While Duff may have her own personal set, the Lizzie McGuire bangs aren't the first hair change she's made for the show. In September, Lee also gave the actor a fresh new blonde for the role. Of course, Duff has been blonde for a while, but the new hue was a more platinum color than what she'd been previously wearing. Even Lee herself was excited to be doing "Lizzie's color" thanking Duff for letting her update her hair for the role.

Things in Lizzie McGuire's life may not be the same in the new series, but at least fans can rest easy knowing that this iconic, banged blonde will still have her signature 'do.