Watch Hilary Knight's Amazing 'SNL' Cameo On Weekend Update With Leslie Jones

Will Heath/NBC

On Saturday, March 3, former NBA superstar and current sportscaster Charles Barkley hosted Saturday Night Live for the fourth time and even former baseball player Alex Rodriguez made a cameo in the episode. But Twitter was most excited about hockey player Hilary Knight's SNL cameo on Weekend Update. Knight won a gold medal with the USA women's ice hockey team during the 2018 Winter Olympics last month. She played the forward position on Team USA and scored the first goal in the championship game against Canada.

On Weekend Update, hosts Michael Che and Colin Jost brought out SNL cast member Leslie Jones, who served as an official NBC commentator for the Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea last month, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2016. No. 1 Olympics fan Jones reflected on her experience in PyeongChang, where she met athletes, got to watch many epic moments, and make some awesome Olympics tweets, of course. In the segment, she also declared hockey as her new favorite sport. "If I played hockey, they would call me Penalty Box Jones, because that's where I'd be the whole game," Jones jokes to Jost.

Jost claims to be a hockey fan, but Jones teases him about whether or not that's true. Then, Jones brings out Knight out to sit with her at the desk. Knight wore her gold medal around her neck and a Team USA hockey jersey. Jost congratulates Knight and continues the teasing of Jost and his hockey skills. "I got friends who are gold medal Olympians," Jones tells Jost, playfully.

Jones and Knight close the segment by doing a call and response to the famous refrain from Beyoncé's "Run The World (Girls)." Knight and Jones ask, "Who run the world?" Jost flatly replies, "Girls."

The 2018 Winter Olympics may be over, but Twitter's reaction to Knight's SNL cameo shows that the enthusiasm for Team USA still remains.

So Many Fans Thought Knight Was The Highlight Of The Episode

Several viewers declared Knight's cameo to be the highlight of the episode and loved every minute of the Olympian's appearance on Weekend Update.

Many Viewers Loved The Appearance & Thought It Was Funny

Some viewers couldn't stop laughing during Knight's appearance on Weekend Update, because it brought the funny.

Some Fans Loved The Dynamic Duo Of Jones & Knight

Viewers were glad to see that Knight isn't just a gold medalist in hockey — she's funny and makes a great comedy duo with Jones. If there was a gold medal in comedy, these two may be in contention for it.

A Few Fans Realized Why Knight Wasn't At A Certain Saturday Night Hockey Game

On Saturday, March 3, the Team USA women's ice hockey was honored at an outdoor NHL game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Washington Capitals in Annapolis, Maryland. As the tweets say, some hockey fans wondered about Knight's absence during the game...and a few hours later, they found out why the athlete was not there.

For Many Fans, It Made Them Want To Quote Beyoncé

Let's face it — any time is a good time to quote Queen Bey, but SNL viewers were really feeling like doing so after Knight's cameo appearance on Weekend Update. Cue up "Run The World (Girls)" and sing it out.

Some Fans Thought Knight's Cameo Was — Dare I Say It — Gold

Sorry, had to say it — and so did these tweets. After all, Knight did wear the gold medal around her neck.

See Knight's SNL cameo for yourself in the video below.

It's great to see that the enthusiasm for Team USA is alive and well even after the Winter Olympics ended.