Hillary Clinton & Kate McKinnon Met For Dinner


Hey, can you text me really quick? I feel like my phone is probably broken, because Hillary Clinton and Kate McKinnon met for dinner, and I never got my invite, which is weird, right? According to Page Six, the politician and the woman who so hilariously portrays her on Saturday Night Live met for dinner at Orso, in New York City's Theater District, before Clinton went on to the Broadway show Sunset Boulevard. It's an itinerary that I weirdly would have also enjoyed. I like rustic-yet-inspired Italian food. I like SNL. I like giving standing ovations at Broadway shows. What gives?

But, whatever, I guess this isn't about me. Sadly, I can't tell you specifically what McKinnon and Clinton discussed — which is also probably a good thing, because it means their privacy was respected during a dinner out — but Page Six did report that "lots of laughter emanated from their table." It's fine, I'm fine, I'm not currently asphyxiating from jealousy. And I'm totally able to look at this photo of the FOMO-inducing dinner without passing out. Except I am and I'm not, because look at this photo of the FOMO-inducing dinner. I'll keep some smelling salts handy for when you pass out, too.

How cool is it that Clinton can not only sit down face-to-face with the comedian who parodies her on SNL, but that the two of them can actually have a great time together? That they can, from what it sounds like, genuinely enjoy each other's company? That they can, in fact, give me hope that the real Clinton might find time in her busy schedule to appear on SNL in an upcoming episode? That we might, if we are lucky, get to see the two Clintons side by side on the variety show again for the first time since 2015 rather than just, like, in real life?

That's just such an amazing plane of maturity to have reached, and it makes me wish so desperately that I was a fly on the wall of that restaurant. Next time, text me, ladies. For you, I might even change out of my pajamas on a weeknight.