Hillary Clinton Subtly Mentions Charlottesville In Her Barcelona Tweet & Twitter Loves It

by Samantha Mendoza
Getty Images

On Wednesday, Hillary Clinton tweeted a response to Barcelona's terror attack, which left 13 people dead and over 100 others injured earlier in the day. In her statement, she offered support for everyone affected by the violence, but also took things a step further by urging the nation, and the world, to "stand against terror wherever it strikes."

Given that the United States was rattled by a domestic terror incident just a few days ago, it can definitely be argued that Clinton's statement sends a strong message to the nation about how to move forward after the events in Charlottesville, Virginia.

On Tuesday, President Trump gave a press conference that focused on the events in Charlottesville, and rather than offer a message of unity, he continued to suggest that the tragedy was the result of violence from "both sides," and not white supremacists and neo-Nazis.

Naturally, Twitter was quick to point out the differences between the two statements. Here are some of the most interesting responses:

Take Notes, Trump

Incredibly Heartfelt

A True Leader

I See What You Did There

She Continues To Endure

Strength And Compassion

Strength In Unity

The Most Inspiring GIF

A Source Of Comfort

Class And Intellect Still Exist?

The Phrase That Never Gets Old

The Leader We Need

Maybe This Is Just A Dream

Simple But Powerful

A Strange World

It Certainly Is Hard

In light of the recent terror attacks, both at home and abroad, it's clear that what our country needs is strong, compassionate leadership. Let's hope Trump takes note of Clinton's tweet and starts taking steps toward uniting, not dividing, the country.