Watch Hillary Clinton Lip-Sync Her Heart Out For The Daily Show's "Song For Women 2017"

If there's one thing The Daily Show wants you to know about 2017, it's that it was a really, really terrible year for women. In the show's end-of-year special that aired Monday night, correspondents performed an entire song about just how much women have had to endure in the past twelve months — and it even included a pitch-perfect cameo performance from Hillary Clinton. The Daily Show's "Song For Women 2017" highlighted the most inspiring — and the most distressing — moments for women this year, so it was only fitting that it featured an appearance from the first ever woman presidential nominee from a major party, who ultimately conceded to a man who has bragged about sexually assaulting women (President Trump has denied all accusations of sexual misconduct).

Correspondents Desi Lydic and Dulcé Sloan began with references to "marching hand in hand," a clear reference to the Women's March movement that united women across the globe following President Trump's Inauguration in January. Lydic and Sloan also describe other uplifting moments from the year, like Sen. Elizabeth Warren's persistance as male senators attempted to silence her on the Senate floor and Wonder Woman dominating the box office.

Sloan then says, "Yo Hillary Clinton. Take us home," before Clinton appears in a recording studio, wearing her iconic red pantsuit, to belt out some high notes. You can watch Clinton's cameo below at the 5:17 mark, but the whole video is definitely worth a watch:

The song also describes many of the challenges that women have had to overcome this year, particularly regarding all of the numerous high-profile instances of sexual assault that were brought to life as the #MeToo movement brought down powerful men from across industries. At one point in the tune, DJ Mainsplain, portrayed by Daily Show correspondent Michael Kosta, interrupts the women to tell them "what really happened" in 2017.

"Men are from Mars, women, they’re from Venus. Nobody like's a surprise penis," Kosta rapped. "But maybe you asked for it, it's kinda on you. We men are dumb, we can't control what we do."

But Lydic, Sloan, and, of course, Clinton, quickly shut him down and continued to describe what really matters.

Clinton's cameo is one of just a handful of the public appearances she has made since losing the presidential election last November. Following her loss, she retreated from the public eye in the months and spent much of her time hiking in the woods near her home in Chappaqua, New York. She sat down for her first post-election interview with New York Times journalist Nicholas Kristof at the Women In The World summit in April before finally announcing, during a speech on St. Patrick's Day, that she was "ready to come out of the woods." In an address to a woman's group in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Clinton told the audience:

I am ready to come out of the woods and to help shine a light on what is already happening around kitchen tables, at dinners like this. ... We can't just ignore or turn a cold shoulder because [people] disagree politically, we have to listen to each other and learn from each other.

Since then, Clinton has released a memoir about her experience in the 2016 election, spoken out against some of the Trump administration's more controversial policies, and made a number of other public appearances. Her show-stealing Daily Show cameo, however brief, may be a sign that we can expect to see Clinton be even more vocal about women's rights in 2018.