Disney Parks Just Dropped A Ton Of 'Hocus Pocus' Merch — Including A Spirit Jersey

Disney Parks has revealed this year's Halloween gear, and fans of a classic '90s witch movie will definitely be interested in the offerings. Disney has new Hocus Pocus merchandise that's available now as part of Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, which takes place at Walt Disney World. The merch allows fans to dress like the Sanderson sisters, proudly wear one of their catchphrases, and even decorate their trees with a movie-themed ornament this Christmas. Hocus Pocus fans are a passionate bunch, and those who love the movie probably won't be disappointed with the wide array of goods.

The Disney Parks blog gives a rundown of what's available, starting with three T-shirts, each designed to look like one of the Sanderson sisters' outfits. So, basically, a witchy-looking corset in green, red, or purple screen printed onto a tee. They'd make easy Halloween costumes for anyone who doesn't like to put in much effort. Disney is aware of this, too. "Guests are encouraged to dress in costumes at [the Not-So-Scary Halloween Party], so the T-shirts are an easy way to create an instant Halloween outfit," Cathy Dawson, the product developer for Walt Disney World Events, said on the blog.

Next up is a black spirit jersey with the phrase "amuck, amuck, amuck" printed on the back. There is also another T-shirt printed with a cartoon version of the sisters, as well as a Christmas ornament featuring the witches and a black tote bag. Rounding out the Hocus Pocus collection is a black cauldron-shaped mug that reads "Hocus Pocus Party Potion." (What you choose as your own personal "party potion" is up to you.)

The Disney Parks blog also shared information on non-Hocus Pocus Halloween goods that will be available at this year's event, including T-shirts, another Christmas ornament, and a set of pins. There is also a raglan shirt available exclusively to Annual Passholders. The blog notes that the best places to find the new merchandise at Disney World are at the Emporium on Main Street, U.S.A. and at Big Top Souvenirs in the Storybook Circus part of New Fantasyland.

These items hardly scratch the surface of Disney's Halloween offerings. Disney is not a minimal brand or place, so there are a lot of products to choose from online, too. There are even more Hocus Pocus items, just not the ones that are specific to the Halloween event at the park.

Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party takes place at the Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World on select nights from August 17 through October 31. The event is meant for all ages (hence the "not-so-scary" part), and includes candy and treat collecting, Disney characters, and "eerie entertainment."

This year's "eerie entertainment" includes a the Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular, which is why there's so much merch related to the 1993 movie this time around. The Spelltacular is hosted by the Sanderson sisters (don't expect Bette Midler to actually be there, sorry), and according to the Disney World site will feature classic Disney villains along with "amazing dancers, wild visual projections and otherworldly special effects".

If you want to attend — and pick up a special Hocus Pocus T-shirt — there's still time, and more information is about dates and tickets is available here.