Holiday Dinner Party Decor Any Non-Decorator Can Master

Having friends over for a festive holiday dinner? No sweat. Decorating your home for a festive holiday dinner with friends? Now there's something that always seems intimidating. As a non-decorator myself, it's usually the fancy tablescapes and ornate, coordinated accents that stress me out. Some of those inspo boards make it seem like you need a degree in event planning degree to pull off a successful, decorative bash. But anyone, even the non-decorators like me (especially the non-decorators like me), can pull off an amazing holiday dinner party.

To show you just how fun and easy it can be, we've partnered with Pier 1 Imports and invited over a crew of ghouls for a Halloween celebration. There are lights, candles, bubbly, and all the other things you need to set the mood. So from making guests feel welcome as soon as they walk in the door to creating a table that's better dressed than usual (it is a holiday dinner party, after all), these are the foolproof formulas for uping your hosting game and nailing party decor with minimal effort — no previous decorating experience required. Once you set the scene, you'll find the rest of your holiday fantasy falls right into place.

Is That The Doorbell?

The Guests Have Arrived!

Tip 1: Get your guests some drinks.

Featuring Pier 1 Imports Golden Luster tumblers

First things first: Get your guests a drink. After all, what’s more holiday-centric than a celebratory toast to get things going? Serving the first drink of the night in champagne flutes is an easy way to add a little sparkle to your night.

Ashley Batz

Featuring Pier 1 Imports Golden Luster champagne flutes

And the best part about upgrading your stemware? Minimal effort for maximal 'grammability.

Tip 2: Great atmosphere is all about lighting.

Featuring Pier 1 Imports pillars and candle holders, votives, and string lights

Get yourself some candles, and drop them into holders to keep wayward sleeves, reaching arms, and voluminous hair at a safe distance. Pair the flickering flames with twinkle lights for serious drama — your guests will appreciate their new subtle glow.

Tip 3: Play up festivity in the details.

Featuring Pier 1 Imports flatware and napkin rings

If the idea of trading out every single item of kitchenware to a holiday-themed one sounds like a true non-decorator's headache — don’t worry. Instead, get festive with other accent pieces on the table. Whether it's a table runner, festive flatware, a playful mix of shimmering glasses, or a few glittery spiders (Halloween-only for that one!), a handful of thoughtful details will save you from purchasing a whole new set of holiday dishes.

Tip 4: Pay attention to centerpieces.

Featuring Pier 1 Imports Crackle Art glass pumpkins and gourds

Make sure your centerpieces are either tall enough to talk under or short enough to talk over or, like a small arrangement of glass pumpkins. No one wants to carry on a conversation as they duck around candle holders.

Tip 5: Swap paper napkins for cloth.

Featuring Pier 1 Imports Hemstitch Pumpkin Marigold Yellow napkins

Napkins are such an easy way to add holiday warmth to your scene. Opting for cloth over paper keeps the event a bit more dressed up, and maintaining a color theme adds an extra wink to the table scene.

Cheers — Your Dinner Party Was A Success!

Featuring Pier 1 Imports bar cart, ice bucket, and cocktail shaker

After the main dining event is over, keep the party — and the festivity — going with a nightcap by the bar cart. Because really, no one wants to go home yet anyway.

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