Homeware Buys To Help Make Working From Home Stylish & Comfortable


With the increasing threat of COVID-19 resulting in many of us being asked to work from home for a while, we're more and more likely to be staying inside and hunkering down with our laptops, rather than going into an office. There are definite pros and cons to working from home, and as someone who's been freelance and thus worked in my own space for nearly two years now, I can attest that homeware buys to make working from home better are definitely a good investment.

Working from home can get lonely, and there are definitely things that you'll miss through not going into an office or shared space. The biggest drawback, therefore, is the lack of social interaction. However, as this is something we should possibly be avoiding more and more as coronavirus spreads, we may all need to get used to it.

On the flip side, staying at home to work can be great, too. You can manage your own time better, don't have to get all dressed up, and can work in a space that's preferable to you. If you don't feel you already have that space, there are certain bits and pieces you can easily pick up to make the experience just that little bit more pleasant. From plants to pen pots, here are some of my top picks...