This Fragrance Brand Will Donate 100 Percent Of Its Profits To Depression Research

by Eliza Florendo
Audrey Gruss/Hope Fragrance

In the current fashion and beauty landscape, it's not enough to sell just a truly wonderful product — more conscious buyers are looking for their favorite brands to champion for a cause they believe in. That's where Hope Fragrance comes in and shines.

Created by Audrey Gruss, the founder and chairman of the Hope for Depression Research Foundation (HDRF), the perfume will be launched in September. Sure, there are thousands of fragrances out there, but the Hope Fragrance not only smells fantastic, but has a key purpose, too. Every single penny of the net profit of the perfume will be directly donated to "discovering new medications, treatments, prevention, and related mood disorders, according to the press release.

According to HDRF, depression affects over 350 million people annually and is the number one disability worldwide. Gruss is hoping to change that. A pioneer of the cause since she founded it in 2006, Gruss has a final goal in mind: to find a cure. And in order to find it, research must be done. With all of the perfume's profits going towards research, this is one special cause.

Packaged beautifully in gold and white, you've got the best of all worlds — style, smell, and of course, a philanthropic cause.

Audrey Gruss/Hope Fragrance

What makes Hope Fragrance so great is that it's "providing the socially-conscious consumer with an opportunity to use their purchasing power." Though fashion and beauty's first mission isn't necessarily raising funds and awareness to causes, the two certainly can make a big difference.

The perfume serves as a "message in a bottle," providing an important dialogue about the effects of depression. With products like this one that encourage people to not only purchase the product itself, but talk about mental health in an open way without judgment from others, small steps can be made.

Research is the first and one of the most important steps, and the Hope Foundation and products like the Hope Fragrance certainly helps research move forward.

The fragrance honors Gruss' mother Hope, who herself struggled with depression for decades. In the scent collection, you can find white flowers like lilies, jasmine, gardenia, and tuberose, some of Hope's favorite flowers.

Launching in select Saks Fifth Avenue stores and on, you can get your hands on a bottle or two and make a world of difference in someone's life. Or, if you'd like to donate to the Hope Foundation directly, you can do so and learn more about the cause at